ClubRunner v3.0 - Your Key to Connect to the Cloud!

Personalize your web presence to reflect your club's unique style with the easiest website designer yet!

In July 2010, we released an intuitive platform that was based on the power of user customization. Now, get ready for a far more dynamic, personalized and intuitive platform, designed with your requests and desires in mind.

Version 3.0 - Your Key to Connect to the Cloud

The 3rd generation of ClubRunner features a revolutionary new designer, far more intuitive and modern than what you are currently used to. Your key to connect to the cloud, the ClubRunner Version 3.0 is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, which means that it is faster, more reliable and even more secure than ever before.

What Does the Cloud Based Service Mean For You?

By partnering with Microsoft and moving to the cloud, we can attest to minimizing downtime, meaning your website will always be available to you! In addition, you will also benefit from faster speed times. ClubRunner 3.0 is not only cloud based but is also storage based as well as scalable meaning it is able to support your club or District and its needs as your club/district continues to evolve and grow therefore, the speed and availability of your website will always be maintained. 

What's New in ClubRunner Version 3.0?  

ClubRunner Version 3.0 boasts lots of new features for your club/district. Starting with increased security to being able to support your website in various languages, ClubRunner Version 3.0 is the solution you have been asking us for.
New Website Designer

The new website designer is more secure and includes an array of new features to allow you to easily customize and create your website with new mobile responsive themes, pages, dynamic widgets and more editing capabilities. Customize the look of your widgets, embed flash files, use the built-in search feature to find what you are looking for or even upload your own customized style sheet, to fully customize the look of your site! Furthermore, with its auto-saving and archiving functionalities, you never have to worry about losing your data.

Customizable and Flexible Editors

The new editor within version 3.0 includes more fonts and functionalities, an auto-save function, the ability to save content as drafts and much more. Use the provided templates to prepare your content without having to worry about formatting. 

Drag and Drop Feature

The new drag and drop feature allows you to select and move your widgets, stories and other content anywhere on your site. Revise the sequence of your stories or widgets easily and quickly, anywhere on your site. You even have the ability to drag and drop images from your computer directly to your image library.  

More Features include:

  • Mobile Responsive Website Themes
  • Flash Support
  • Much More Robust Dynamic Bulletin featuring threads & an Automatic Archiving Feature
  • Custom Domain Names
  • Refined Image Library with the ability to drag files from your desktop into your library
  • Built-in Internal Search Function
  • CSS Control
  • New Templates in the Story Editor
  • New Email Templates
  • Volunteer Management
  • Meeting Responsibilities Tracking
  • and much more!
Personalize your web presence to reflect your club's or district's unique style with the easiest website designer yet.

Training Resources

To access help articles, guides and FAQ's on our Knowledgebase about the functionalities found in Version 3.0, please click here.

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