Email Usage

Email Usage

Trusted, reliable and secure email deliverability with the most recommended email delivery platform.

At ClubRunner, we're committed to continually upgrading and improving our product, so that you in turn can continue the good work of your Rotary club in your community. As part of these ongoing efforts, we are pleased to announce that we have made an important upgrade to our email system.
We've recently partnered with an enterprise-level delivery system, permitting us to offer a world-class email service. Our new delivery provider handles the email requirements for 180,000 sites including high profile websites such as Pinterest. This new partnership is a reflection of the growth we have experienced with your support.

What this partnership means for you 

Our new partner offers you a completely new level of reliability, stability and security.
  • Track all your messages to view delivery success and open rates
  • See which emails have been read and by whom
  • Trace emails that have bounced or been blocked
  • View what was marked as spam and by whom
  • ...and much more
Even view a history of the emails sent, their subject line, who sent it, the date it was sent on as well as your email usage to date with a breakdown showing you how many emails you have sent this year, within the past 30 days, and what your club's monthly average is like.

For more information on how to access the Email Traffic Report, click here.
To learn how to view your email stats, click here.
To read FAQ's about email limits, click here.


Email Limits (Effective March 1, 2015)

As a result of this upgrade, we've introduced new limits as listed below, both for clubs and districts, on the number of emails that can be sent. This limit is based on the size of your club or district, and scales upward to match the future growth of your group. We're also pleased to offer reasonably priced upgrade credits that you can add on top of your annual limits, for when you require just a bit more.


Club Size (Price Plan) Members Annual Limit (15xMembers per Month)
Up to 20 members 20 3,600
21-30 members 30 5,400
31-40 members 40 7,200
41-50 members 50 9,000
51-80 members 80 14,400
81-120 members 120 21,600
121-200 members  200 36,000
201-300 members  300 54,000
300-500 members  500 90,000
501-800 members 800  144,000
801-1200 members 1200 216,000
For higher capacity needs, please refer to upgrade chart below.


District Size (Price Plan) Members Annual Limit (3xMembers per Month)
Up to 2000 members 2000 72,000
2001 - 3000 members 3000 108,000
3001 - 5000 members 5000 180,000
5001 - 8000 members 8000 288,000
For higher capacity needs, please refer to upgrade chart below.

Credit Upgrades

Upgrade Credits are added on top of your annual limits and require an annual contract and will coincide with your ClubRunner contract. You can purchase email credits at any time during your subscription term at a pro-rated fee for the remainder of your subscription.
Annual Credits  Annual Price
2,000 $15
5,000 $30
10,000 $50
20,000 $90
50,000 $180
100,000 $250
200,000 $450
500,000 $950
For higher capacity needs, please contact us.
*Subject to the terms and conditions in the ClubRunner Subscription Agreement. All credits purchased will expire at the end of your subscription term.

Training Resources:

Learn how to access the Email Traffic Report
Learn how to view email statistics
Read FAQ's around these new limits