Service Updates Jan 2011 to Dec 2012
We are constantly working on improving the ClubRunner service thanks to user feedback. Below you will find information about product updates and enhancements. These changes will reflect immediately on your site, and usually do not require any actions on your part, unless otherwise indicated.
For any questions or feedback regarding these updates, please email or call 1-877-469-2582.
Email Message Center - Cancel Scheduled Emails
November 29 2012
If you've scheduled an email to be sent out, now it is possible to cancel that email, should you not wish to send it anymore. Upon cancelling, your email then gets deleted from the system.

Dues and Billing - Emailing Statements to Club Members
November 29 2012

Within the Dues and Billing section, you now have the ability to email statements to all members regardless of the balance owing on their account. Whereas previously, you were only able to email statements to those members that had a balance owing, members with no balance can now also receive statements for their records.
Download Member Data - Saved Searches
November 15 2012

Now it's possible to save your frequent member data downloads as saved searches. The next time you use this feature to export your file, you will notice a place at the bottom of the page to name this as a saved search. This will store all your settings and options and place it in the 'My Saved Seaches' box at the top left. The next time you wish to rerun this export, simply click on the name and all your selections will be made. These saved searches are stored by user and not by club, so each member can have their own list.
Rotary International - Compare & Synchronize
November 01 2012

This release boasts even more improvement to the RI Integration functionality. Currently in beta, this feature will allow you to compare your member data information as it appears on ClubRunner with what is available in RI's Member Access, giving you the option to push your member information directly from ClubRunner to Rotary International or pull your information from Member Access to populate your ClubRunner profile.
Therefore, if you notice a member's profile was inconsistent between ClubRunner and RI, you can push or pull the specific field data between ClubRunner and RI. An access level of 50 or better is needed to access this feature.
Photo Albums - Copy Link from Albums to Easily Link Elsewhere
November 01 2012
You now have the ability to copy the path to your photo albums to your clipboard, so you can link to it from other areas of your site. To do so, simply click on the clipboard icon next to your photo album listing. This will copy the URL to your clipboard, which you can then add to other pages on your site.
Member Profile - Termination Dates
November 01 2012
The termination date for a member can now be changed within the member's profile itself, whereas prior to this release, to change a termination date, you would have had to change the status of the member back to active. If the RI Integration feature is turned on, this will automatically send a notification to RI for syncing purposes.
MyEventRunner - No Packages Required
November 01 2012

This release also includes a new option in the Setup page to allow the event chair to create events without any packages, whereas previously, at least one package was required before you could include add-ons to your registration.
Member Terminations Confirmation
August 23 2012
Now when you terminate a member, you will see a popup that will tell you the various groups that the member will be removed from such as Custom Distribution Lists, Committees, Executive listing for current year, etc.
New Image Class: NoResize
August 23 2012
When users upload images, ClubRunner automatically resizes the images based on where it is being uploaded. Now, users have the ability to override the stylesheet to prevent the system from automatically resizing the image by adding a style tag within the image (ex: <img src="link" style="max-width:none;">
Missing Email Addresses - Custom Distribution Lists
August 23 2012
Previously, when members did not have email addresses entered in their profile, they did not show up in the Custom Distribution lists in your e-mail message center. We've changed that in this release such that the distribution list will show all members however members that do not have e-mail addresses in their profile will have a deactivated checkbox appear next to their name.
New Reports Added to Club Site
July 26 2012
This release features new reports for clubs as well as an easier way to access all of your familiar club reports. You will notice a new tab on the top menu bar of your Club Admin page entitled 'Reports (New)' from where you will be able to access the Club Dashboard, Years of Service report, Birthdays and Anniversaries report, Age Distribution report, eDirectory reports as well as the eDirectory Builder, not to mention the all new Download Member Data Report.

Filters Added to Missing Email Address Reports
July 26 2012

On the District site, you now have the ability to select the member type (i.e.: Active, Honorary, Ex-Member, Staff, etc.) prior to running the report to find members with missing email addresses in their profile making it easier for you to locate the information you need.
Download Member Data Export
July 12 2012

Accessible through the top menu bar under the Membership tab, we've added an upgraded version of the download member data feature which is now available to you. The new download member data report lets you select more fields to extract into your report such as membership type, nickname, birthday, website URL, etc. You can then further customize the filters you would like to apply to your report by selecting the fields you require such as 'Active & Honorary' members and Date Joined, Terminated, Last Login, Date Modified, etc. Once all the information has been selected, click on generate and then export the data!
Club Dashboard Added to Club Site
July 12 2012
This release includes the addition of the Club Dashboard feature on the club site. Club Executives can now view an age distribution report, gender distribution report as well as membership statistics over the years in graphical form. Additionally, keep track of your member listing including the number of active members added per month, number of members terminated, number of unique logins, etc.
Ability to Email Ex-Members
July 12 2012

Have an e-mail you would like to send to ex-members? You will notice you now have the ability to e-mail all inactive members or select specific individuals to send emails to from within the e-mail message center.
Version 2.0 Released for Districts
June 28 2012

This major release update includes a fresh new look, improvements to existing features as well as the addition many new features.
  • Launchpad: Your new starting point to gain insight into your District activities; the launchpad is your new landing page upon logging into the District Site. Access all the features previously available to you as well as view a summary of some important information in the five new widgets that appear on your Launchpad.
  • Google Maps: View a map of all the clubs in the District on Google Maps with filters allowing you to display the clubs based on the time of the day they meet and the day of the week.
  • Member Data Download: Choose all the fields you want to download and customize the filters you would like to apply to your report. The member data report now allows you to export fields such as Website URL, Membership Number, Birthday, Classification and many more into an excel file. Further, apply filters to your report such as 'Active & Honorary' members or date joined, terminated, last login, date modified, etc. to obtain only the information that you need.
  • Redesigned Photo Organization Chart & Member Designations: The all new redesigned photo organization chart now displays your member designations with special icons along with the name of your club and title in the form of a business card.
  • District Dashboard Updates: Within the District Dashboard, you now have the ability to filter by area such that you can generate membership statistics reports by area as well as by club for a more refined search. A vast improvement to the AG module, with this module, AG's can now access a dashboard view of all the clubs in their area and generate more reports to monitor their clubs membership.
  • Missing Email Address Reports: In addition to the existing reports, this new reporting module allows you to view all the members with missing email addresses in the system, so that you can request a member profile update via phone.
Website Designer 2.0 - Delete Widget Confirmation
June 14 2012
As part of our latest feature update release, you now will be asked to confirm whether you wish to delete a widget from the designer screen. The confirmation message acts as a layer of protection in order to ensure the widgets are not deleted by mistake. Upon clicking 'yes', your widget will be deleted. If you had clicked the delete button in error, the confirmation message will give you the ability to click on 'no' in order to cancel the request.
Committee Module - Ability to E-mail Members of Subcommittees
June 14 2012

You now have the ability to select members of subcommittees as recipients of your e-mails. From the Committees module, upon clicking on the e-mail tab, the system will allow you to expand your subcommittee member listing in order to see the members and then select and e-mail them.
New Story Widgets in Dynamic Bulletin
June 14 2012
You now have the choice between inserting either your 'story brief' or 'all details' (brief and content) into your dynamic bulletin using the widget selector. Selecting the story brief will display an image and just the brief with a link directing readers to the rest of the article. Selecting the 'all details' will insert an image along with the entire article into the dynamic bulletin.
New Access Level in District Site
June 14 2012
This release features a new access level on the District level which gives you the ability to grant specific members with access rights to be able to download member data. Previously only available to Site Administrators, you can now give access to specific members to download this data from the Member Access Rights page on the District site.

Dues & Billing - New Currencies Added
June 14 2012
To accommodate our International clients, we've added new currencies in the system such that invoices can be created with currencies pertinent to the country. This release includes the addition of Kuwaiti Dinar and Uganda Shillings. A full listing of the currencies available can be accessed from the 'Configuration Settings' page found in the Dues & Billing module.
Club Documents Section - Collapsible Folders
June 8 2012

Earlier in the year, we'd announced that you had the ability to collapse all of your subfolders in the Club Documents section by clicking on the folder icon. Based on the feedback we received, we've changed the default setting for the folders to remain closed until you expand the folder list.The system will remember how you last left the page, so that the next time you access the documents page, it will display the folders in the state you had last left them (i.e: open/closed).

Event Planner 2.0 - Link on Admin Page
June 1 2012
We've added a link to the new Events Planner 2.0 feature so you can access it directly from the Admin Page. You will notice a new link next to the Edit Events link you're used to seeing. The Event Planner 2.0 module is an upgraded version of the current event planning feature.

Speakers Widget - Display 6 Month Schedule
May 3 2012
The speakers widget can now display a list of 6 months worth of upcoming speakers. Now, when you enter your schedule of speakers, the speakers widget will showcase who the speakers are for the next 6 months.

Download Executives Data from District Site
April 18 2012
District executives can now download a listing of all club executives and officers within the District, by year. To do so, navigate to the Organization tab from the top menu bar and click on 'Define Club Position Types'. Click on the member count for the listing you want to download and then simply click on the 'Export to CSV' button on the top right.
New Scheduler in Email Message Center
March 22 2012
Now available is a scheduler in the e-mail message center, which will allow you to schedule your e-mails to be sent at a future date. Although, currently in beta version, once you've composed your message, simply select the date you want the system to send your e-mail on and then type in the time (in Eastern time). If you leave this option blank, then your e-mail will be sent right away, as they always have. This new option works for sending e-mails only and will not take effect if you save your e-mail as a draft or for test e-mails.
Club Documents Section - Collapsible Folders
March 15 2012

As part of our latest feature update release, you now have the ability to collapse your subfolders in the Club Documents section by clicking on the folder icon. This will then hide your list of documents until you expand the folder again.
Club Documents Section - Ability to Transfer Documents Between Folders
March 15 2012
Another exciting update is the ability to transfer your documents between folders. To do so, click on the edit icon in the actions menu and choose which folder you wish to transfer your document to from the drop down menu.
New Copy Event Feature - MyEventRunner
February 24 2012
This release now includes a new option that allows event chairs to duplicate an event rather than designing the event registration from scratch again. All information regarding the event is copied except the event date and registrants. You then have the ability to edit the event details from the edit screen and make changes as you see fit.
Number of Packages Left and Sold Out Event Message Display - MyEventRunner
February 24 2012
Now, if for your event, you are selling a limited amount of packages/add-ons, your registrants/guests will be able to see the number of packages left to be purchased as well as if the event is sold out.
Nickname Now the Preferred Field
February 24 2012
Now, if in your profile, the nickname field is populated, the system will use your nickname to refer to you rather than your first name. For example, instead of displaying your full name (ex: Sarah Gardener) in a list of committee members or in the e-mail message center, you will be listed as Sue Gardener.
Dues and Billing - 2 New Reports Available (Monthly Statements by Member and Debit/Credit Report by Date Range)
January 12 2012
You can now pull a report on all Debits and Credits, within a specified date range and can export the data to excel. The Members Debits and Credits Report will list the names of members, the start and end balance (based on the chosen date range) as well as the total debit and credit amount. Also available, you can generate a Monthly Balance Report to display the amount owed by each member per month, within the specified date range.
Banner - Option to Adjust the Vertical Alignment of the ClubRunner Ad
January 12 2012
A new option now allows you to adjust the alignment of the ClubRunner banner ad. You can now select whether you want the ad to be displayed at the top, middle or bottom right hand side of the banner. The alignment of the ad can be modified from the new drop down menu found in the Banner Designer page within the Website Designer module.
E-mail Message Center - New Feature to Copy a Custom Distribution List
January 12 2012
This new feature enables you to create new distribution lists by allowing you to copy all contacts from an existing distribution list. Upon copying a distribution list, you will be prompted to name your new Distribution list and will be given the option to add more members to the new distribution list you are creating.
Sage Customers - Order Number Now Includes More Information Regarding the Transaction
January 12 2012
Now when you log into your Sage account to view your transactions, you will be able to see more information for each payment such as which event it was for, the registration ID, etc. The Event ID, Registration ID and Package ID will now get passed into the transaction as part of the Order Number.
RI Integration - Updates Archive by Club Now Available to Club Executives on District Site
January 12 2012
An archive of all RI Integration updates that were attempted in the past 3 months can now be accessed by Club Executives on the District site. The list will only display members with updates and will indicate whether or not the update was successful, and if not, the reasons why. Club Executives can access the Updates Archive by clicking on the 'RI Updates Archive' link on the Admin page.
RI Integration - Club Information Goes Live
December 15 2011
Now available, club information will update RI's databases in real time. Updates made to the club’s meeting place as well as the meeting date and time will be reflected on RI’s database in minutes.

Size of Documents and Photos Increased
December 15 2011
The size of documents (i.e. PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.) files as well as photos that can be uploaded and posted on the website has been increased from 3.5MB to 5MB!
MyEventRunner - New Cancellation Feature Introduced
December 1 2011
Now event chairs can cancel a registration on MyEventRunner while still maintaining a balance owing. A new button is now available in the View Registration screen to allow you to cancel a registration. This will prompt you for an optional cancellation fee, specified either as a percentage of the registration amount, or a flat fee. This will update the balance and keep that registration under a Cancelled status. This means that they will no longer appear in the various reports and nametags, but you will still be able to view the registrations within the online report, highlighted in red.
Dues and Billing - New Barch Report for Printing Multiple Invoices
December 1 2011
Now available, you can select specific members and download a single PDF document containing all their printable invoices, which makes it easier to print all invoices in one go. Still available is the ability to print individual invoices as well as to email selected or all invoices.
New Field in Member Profile - Preferred Phone
November 17 2011
Now members can select which phone type is their preferred one as it appears in various places such as the website, club directories and printable reports. Located in the Personal tab of the member profile, each member can choose between Home, Business or Cell. This field has been added to the Dynamic eDirectories as an option.

MyEventRunner - New Option to Allow Registrant to Edit Form
November 17 2011
This release now includes a new option in the Setup page to allow registrants to edit their registration after they have paid. This can be enabled on a per event basis. The confirmation email that is sent after a successful registration will include a link to allow the registrant to go back and make changes to their registration, provided the resulting total amount is equal to or higher than their original total. For example, instead of purchasing just one add-on, if the registrant decided they would like 2, this is possible. The link will bring up the original form so that changes can be made, and then the final payment step will request payment of the difference. If the registrants decides to cancel an add-on or downgrade to a lower package, they cannot do so online and will be prompted to contact the event chair as this will require processing a refund according to the event's policies.
MyEventRunner - Start and End Dates and Times
November 17 2011
We've added 2 new fields to the Setup page for MyEventRunner - the event start date and time, and end date and time. In addition, we've incorporated time into the Registrant start and end dates, so you can decide exactly when your event is closed for registration. Please note that the times used in these fields are preset to Eastern Time. To convert to your local time, we recommend's handy converter tool, located here.
Website Designer - Menu Management
November 3 2011
We've made it easier to link to your site pages from the top navigation menu in Website Designer - a new type of link has been added in the Menu Item screen called 'Site Pages'. Once clicked, you'll see your site page structure (including nested site pages) from which you can navigate through and select the desired page.
MyEventRunner - Registration Save Method Changed
October 20 2011
An important change has been made to MyEventRunner in regards to the time when the registration is saved. In the past, it was saved the moment the user lands on the Payment Options screen. Oftentimes, users abandoned the screen at that stage if they weren't ready to make a purchase, but the registration appeared in the list, and a confirmation email was sent. This leaves the event chair with the task of contacting the registrant to find out what their intentions are, and if the user decided to register at a later time, resulted in duplicate registrations.
The change that was implemented was to save the registration only when the payment is completed, whether it's via credit card or by pressing the button to indicate payment by check. We added notes to that screen to ensure the user is aware that the registration is not saved until either of those two actions are taken. Note however that should the credit card transaction fail, the registration is still saved. A note will appear for the event chair to indicate this in the reports. This is to make it easier for the registrant to retry at a later date by accessing the link in his or her confirmation email.
RI Integration - Member Terminations Goes Live
October 20 2011
Now available, member terminations will update RI's databases in real time. This means that now, all member updates as well as terminations will take effect in minutes. Keep in mind that new member additions and club officer changes are still manual processes. Coming soon, club officer changes will be synchronized next.
eDirectory Builder 2.0 Released for Clubs
October 19 2011

Now available to clubs - design and build your own custom reports using our powerful eDirectory Builder 2.0. Choose the number of columns, sections, data sources, and even fields to create unlimited reports that your members can access in the members only area. To access this new feature, click on the new Reports tab in your Admin page.
August 2011: Service Upgrade Completed Successfully
August 12 2011
We're happy to announce that the server upgrade completed smoothly today and you should see a noted improvement in the response time of all services.
August 11 2011
August saw a number of enhancements and fixes done to the various modules:
  • Add-Ons now have a code which can be defined, used in reports
  • Registrations download now includes Attendee Group code
  • New option of disallowing duplicate registrations, gives message to contact event chair
  • Name badges feature added
  • Landing page no longer on Dashboard for faster response time
Dues and Billing:
  • Ex-Members now appear when creating invoices as well as Account Statements
  • International currency symbols now supported in Configuration Settings
  • New built-in page created for Photo Albums, under Website Designer's Menu Items New editor added as a beta option in Edit Stories
  • HTM and HTML files added to Download Files supporting files
  • Add Image button for editor now inserts image at cursor instead of at bottom
  • Sequencing of Home Page Stories fixed, preference of filter saved (All vs. Home page)
  • Link to View My Bulletin for Dynamic Bulletin 2.0 now on Admin page
Membership Manager:
  • Recalculate button added to YTD Attendance report to refresh data
  • Event Planner 2.0 for Districts - Name badges feature added
  • Termination Reason added to Inactive members Excel download
  • Event Planner 2.0 Email to Attendees now functional
  • Barcode module custom IDs now supported
  • eDirectory Report Builder 2.0 - Custom Sorting Fields added, up to 5 levels
  • RI Integration Queue now added to allow you to view pending updates to RI
Version 2.1 Released for Districts
July 1 2011 
This major release updates includes the addition of the following modules:
  • Event Planner 2.0 - A new and improved version of Events Management, this module allows you to email invitations to the entire District membership, register and track payments, allow individual clubs to register, and even allow public registrations. A major improvement is also the introduction of the SmartClick registration link in the individual emails, which tracks the member but no longer requires a login.
  • District eDirectory 2.0 - This new module is a powerful report builder which allows you to custom design unlimited reports by specifying sections, data sources and fields to display.
  • District eBulletin 2.0 - A customizable newsletter just for Districts - design a custom banner, import stories, news and events from the homepage, and add large graphics. Distribute with one click to all members in the District.
  • District Dashboard - View a snapshot of vital statistics of your membership in a graphical format, including membership growth, gender and age distribution.
  • Email Merge Fields - Create personalized emails by embedding mail merge fields into your email broadcasts, based on sender, recipient or club information.
Districts can contact for dedicated support, questions and training on the above modules.

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