2016 Rotary International Convention in Seoul - ClubRunner Overview

ClubRunner in Seoul, Korea: RI Convention Highlights! 

With more than 43,000 Rotarians attending, the Rotary International convention hashtag this year, #Rotary16, became a trending topic for all the world to see, on both Facebook and Twitter hours before the official opening ceremony. Needless to say, there was a lot of exciting information to share.
During this action packed event, the ClubRunner booth was bustling with activity, and Maxim, Divya, Jeffrey and Mickey were excited to be part of such a grand event. Right from the very beginning of the week till the end, the number one topic discussed was how to overcome the challenge of engaging with both members and non-members as well as attracting younger members (both of which can be overcome by ClubRunner!). In fact, that was our theme for the week at our booth, engagement. That is why we celebrated the launch of a number of new features to support your Public Relations initiatives. 
From the unveiling of our new Bulletin Wizard to celebrating the launch of our new Contacts module, Next-Generation Website Themes and Volunteers module, there were a number of reasons to celebrate, and that's just what we did. Showcasing how each one of these features can help you promote your club or district's Rotary brand led to some amazing discussions, and we often had groups of Rotarians sharing their own tips with one another. Read our daily recap by visiting our blog! We even uploaded vlogs on our YouTube channel which you can watch below.
We also had the opportunity to join Peter Markos, CIO of Rotary International at a plenary session covering database integration between Rotary and its Official Licensees, and discussed the future of the RI Integration project. We're happy to report that we've been working with RI to make updates to the Integration module such that it will soon support more fields.
Thank you for making this convention so memorable!
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During the five days, we also had many people enter our raffle for their chance to win a free one year subscription to ClubRunner. Stay tuned to see the list of winners!