Introducing the District Launchpad!

We're excited to introduce to you the all new District Launchpad- your new starting point to gain insight into your District activities!
We redesigned ClubRunner for Districts to give your District Admin Page a fresh new look and have made it easier to use for everyone. The District Launchpad is your new landing page upon logging into your District site.
It's nice to have all the important information you need regarding your clubs at your fingertips and we understand that. You'll now notice various widgets summarizing significant information right on your Launchpad page! Not only will you be able to access all the features already available to you but you will now notice some really cool features we think you'll love such as Clubs Map!
  • Need to make a quick announcement or remind your members of an upcoming event? The all new 'Launchpad Message' widget will allow you to type in your messages for all to see. Easily update your announcements and keep them up for as long as you like.
  • Wondering how many clubs in your District have not yet activated the RI Integration feature on or need a summary of the RI Integration updates that have occurred this past month? Access that information directly from the RI Integration widgets.

  • View Monthly Membership Statistics including the number of new members, terminated members and the number of unique logins. Click on the numbers for a more detailed view and to be able download the information. Additionally, monitor the number of total honorary members within all clubs in your district as well as the number of total active members.
  • Easily keep track of your Website Activity. View the number of stories and news items added to the site. Additionally, view the number of events created by the district as well as by all the clubs within the district. Click on the numbers to access more information!
  • View a map of all the clubs in the District on Google Maps with filters allowing you to display the clubs based on the time of the day they meet and the day of the week.This new feature can be added from the District Information widget. Once added, simply republish your website. 
  • Choose all the fields you want to download and customize the filters you would like to apply to your report. The member data report now allows you to export fields such as Website URL, Membership Number, Birthday, Classification and much more into an excel file. Further apply filters to your report such as 'Active & Honorary' members, date joined, terminated, last login, date modified, etc. to obtain only the information you need.
  • The all new redesigned Photo Organization Chart now also display your member designations with special icons along with the name of your club and your title in the form of a business card. Identifying member designations just got easier! 
  • Within the District Dashboard, you now also have the ability to filter by area such that you can generate membership statistics by area as well as by club, for a more refined search. A vast improvement to the AG module, with this new update, Area Governors can now access a dashboard view of all the clubs in their area and can generate more reports to monitor their clubs membership.
  • You were able to use the built-in email templates previously. However, you now have the ability to create your own email templates!  Moreover, you can now also customize your attendance reminder emails and edit the content as you wish.
  • In addition to the existing reports tracking your emails and the status of the emails, the missing email address report allows you to view a list of all the members with missing email addresses in their profiles. You have the option to view their phone numbers in order to call and follow up and request a profile update.
You will also notice the Launchpad is divided into 9 sections from where you can access various features and functionalities:
  • My Profile: Maintain your profile, update your personal information, change your password or username, view your commitments and more.
  • My Club's Info: Keep your club information up-to-date; update your member data, attendance, officers and meeting information.
  • Calendar: View your district events calendar and register for events or create and manage new district events.
  • Website: Access Website Designer 2.0 to maintain the layout, theme and content of your district website, edit meta tags, access the image library, add or edit stories, site pages, photo albums, links and news items. Add your download files as well as your secure document download files and manage your sponsor ads.
  • Communication: Create, edit and send your e-bulletin, access the email message center, edit your custom distribution lists, create and maintain your email templates, and view your email reports such as the email traffic report per club, email status report per club and also a missing email addresses report per club.
  • Reports: View, download and print the district directory, export member data, search for members, build a custom report using the eDirectory, view and download a club positions report, trend reports and much more.
  • Membership: Access the District Dashboard, define club types (i.e. Rotary, Alumni, eClub, etc.), access the Active Members, Other Users and Inactive Members list per club, view which club has turned RI Integration on, view the club executives and directors, club meeting information, the upcoming club events, speakers and bulletin, define member access rights and member designations, etc. A new feature will even allow you to request member updates by reviewing how recently your member's profiles were updated and by whom and then allowing you to send an email to each member displaying their current profile details along with an update request.
  • Organization:View and modify your District Organization Chart and District committees, define club type positions, define club executives and access the District eDirectory Reports and build custom reports with the eDirectory builder 2.0.
  • Attendance: Update club attendance, send reminders to clubs to input attendance and view and download the district membership and attendance report.