By clicking the "Switch on Integration" button, I agree to make the representations and warranties and abide by the terms and conditions set forth below:
1. I represent and warrant that I have the authority to act on behalf of the Rotary club, of which I am the current president or secretary (the “Rotary Club”), for the purposes of access and use of the services available on this website.
2. The Rotary Club grants ClubRunner (including its employees, agents and subsidiaries) (“CR”) express written consent to integrate data concerning the Rotary Club and its members with Rotary International ("RI") identified above. Specifically, the Rotary Club grants CR identified above express written consent to provide data concerning the Rotary Club and its members to RI, and the Rotary Club grants RI express written consent to provide the following data to CR identified above: the identity of Rotary Club officers and contact information for Rotary Club members.
3. The Rotary Club understands that it can withdraw its express written consent at any time by returning to this website (or CR-designated website if this website no longer exists) and following the appropriate steps or by contacting the appropriate CR personnel. The Rotary Club understands that such a withdrawal of consent is on a going-forward basis only and does not affect data that may have been integrated between RI and CR identified above while consent was given.
4. The Rotary Club agrees that CR shall not be liable to the Rotary Club or its members (existing now or in the future) for any damages of any kind whatsoever related to the data integrated between RI and ClubRunner identified above.

Last updated November 1, 2010.