What's New in Version 3.0?
Earlier this year, we introduced Version 3.0 (beta) which featured a revolutionary new designer and a completely different user experience. Version 3.0, the third generation of ClubRunner has been designed based on your requests and suggestions, and since our release, we've received a lot of great feedback, which we've incorporated back into the system. To read more about Version 3.0, please click here.

You asked and we delivered! What Else New in ClubRunner Version 3.0 Social Media Integration

The power of customization is limitless with Version 3.0. Apart from the built-in Facebook like button, clubs and Districts can now also integrate their twitter feed, a Google+ button, Linkedin Profile plugin, Pinterest plugin, Facebook Fan Page posts and even a Facebook comments box to their site. For instructions on adding any of these to your Version 3.0 website, please click here.


Website & Bulletin Templates & Themes

You've been asking us for more layout options for your both website and bulletin. Based on your suggestions, we've released several template options you can select from in order to give your site and bulletin a fresh new look and feel. These new templates will allow you to section off your site or bulletin in a unique way while still giving you the freedom to customize the look and feel using the numerous theme options you have to choose from. If you prefer to use your theme/design for your website, you can still upload your own CSS stylesheet. Do you have a design in mind you want to share with us? Consider entering our 'Create Your Own Theme' contest!

Bulletin Greetings

Customize greetings that appear on your bulletin. Complete with mail merge tags, you can create several versions of your greetings and can choose which one you want to incorporate into your bulletin. Select from a variety of mail merge tags including the recipients first name, last name, club name, who they were referred by (if they are listed as a friend of the club), as well as the sender's name, club name, etc.

Bulletin Archiving
Clubs using Version 3.0 are able to archive their club bulletins as a means of saving them. You will see an option to archive your bulletin when you are in the 'Edit Bulletins' screen. Although you no longer can edit an archived bulletin, you can still display them on your website as well as email them to your contacts.


Birthday & Anniversary Widget
An extremely popular request, you can add a Birthday & Anniversary widget to your homepage and bulletin. The Birthday & Anniversary widget pulls the information from the member profile and displays the month and day as well as the member's name. You have the option to display birthdays and anniversaries for the current month, two months or three months at a time.

Presidents Message Widget
You also now have the ability to add a Presidents Message widget to your homepage. Found under the Essentials tab, you can now update a message and post it anywhere on your home page or bulletin. Changing the content in the widget will refresh the widget and your new message will display anywhere where you are using this widget. You also have the ability to further customize this widget by allowing it to use your picture from your profile, if you are defined as President in the Executives & Directors list, as well as your name as it displays on your profile, your preferred email address and phone number. Every time a new President is defined, if these options are checked off, this widget will automatically refresh to display the picture, name and details of the new President.


Story Editor Templates
In addition to the numerous templates already available to easily format your stories, we added a new template for stories that require images to be centered. This template allows you to center your images without the need to format the text on your own.

Story Display Customization Options
Customize the look and feel of your site by changing the font and colour of the story titles and brief that appears on the home page. Add story line separators and edit story widget properties by clicking on the properties icon (shaped like a wheel).

Global Custom Widgets for Bulletin
Using this widget, you can create a custom widget which you can then use in all future editions of bulletins as well. If you find yourself creating the same widget for each bulletin, this new feature will save your content and you simply can drag and drop it into bulletins.
Restore Default Buttons for Widgets
You will notice 'Restore to Default' buttons located on all the property screens for all widgets giving you the ability to restore the changes you made to the colours or titles of widgets, back to their default value.

Google Anatytics
Previously in order to track and monitor the traffic to your website, you had to submit your Google Analytics code to us in order for us to install it to your site. Clubs using Version 3.0 can now apply their Google Analytics code to their site from the Admin Page. Website Administrators will be able to add this by clicking on the Google Analytics link on found under the Administrators section on the Admin page.
These of course are only just a few of our latest editions to Version 3.0. Keep up with what's new by visiting our Service Updates page. Have an idea you would like to add to our Customer Wishlist? Email us at feedback@clubrunner.ca
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