Why Advertise on ClubRunner?

Advertising presents the opportunity to promote your business to the community by partnering with ClubRunner or a club within your geographic area. There are now 2 types of advertisements possible on ClubRunner:
  1. ClubRunner-Wide Banner Ads: These ads are displayed on all ClubRunner websites and are administered through ClubRunner. These ads are an integral part of our pricing model as they allow us to offer you our service at a low cost.  You can choose to switch to a non-ad supported version. Contact us for more details.
  2. Club Specific Sponsor Ads: These ads are displayed on your club's website only. Pricing and policy and administered by the local club. Please contact the club directly to inquire about their rates.
Club Specific Sponsor Ads allow you to showcase your website sponsors while earning revenue for your club. Every ClubRunner website comes with a built-in section for uploading your own sponsor ads. These ads can be text based or images and will appear on your homepage and on the right side of all subsequent website pages. You even have the freedom to showcase each ad on your ebulletin. Further keep track of the success of these ads with the built-in updated hit counter.

Get ClubRunner for Free!

Set your own price and begin earning revenue for your club! For example, running as few as 3 or 4 ads at $100 per year can not only help you recover the annual costs of your website but even leave you with funds for your next fundraising activity!