ClubRunner and Rotary International Launch True Database Integration
November represented a great milestone for Rotary Clubs worldwide using ClubRunner as the Rotary Database Integration project has finally been launched! After a full year of working with RI, months of testing and hand in hand collaboration with Rotary International, ClubRunner is proud to be the first and only company to be truly integrated with RI's databases.
Rotary International made their announcement on November 1 2010, and can be found on the RI Official Website.
ClubRunner's mission has always been to make technology work for every club by improving productivity, communication and public relations. We're proud to lead the way in this technological advancement and continue to surpass expectations of all our customers.
Until now, all software vendors have been issuing email notifications to Rotary International's Data Services division, resulting in countless hours of manual data entry. ClubRunner and Rotary International had a common goal to increase overall effectiveness of each club by taking away administration overhead. Each club with ClubRunner today now can worry less about data integrity between multiple databases. When a club database is updated with, for example, a member's new contact information, that change would automatically be incorporated into Rotary International's database, eliminating the need for clubs to formally notify Rotary International or make the change manually through Member Access.
As a result of the RI Integration, clubs will benefit from numerous advantages. Below is simply a list of the top 5 advantages of the newly launched RI Database Integration.
  • Club members can eliminate countless hours of duplicate data entry.
  • Drastically reduce instances of human error.
  • Keep member data up-to-date in RI's database for better communication.
  • Increase accuracy of member data while respecting privacy levels.
  • Eliminate the need to manually process and send in semi-annual reports. 
The integration feature is now available for all ClubRunner customers. For any questions, please visit ClubRunner's Subscriber Community site to access information on how to get started.
To view ClubRunner's official press release, please click here.
To view a full listing of all the synchronizations available within the RI Integraiton feature, offered by ClubRunner (released by Rotary International) please click here.
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