ClubRunner Spotlight: Rotary Club of Beechworth
Does your club website strengthen your online presence? We spoke with Bill Wilson, webmaster of Rotary Club of Beechworth, Australia and learned how one club went from no online public identity to winning the District's best club website award.
We were on the lookout for a system to address our club needs. We needed a public face and a way to manage our member data. The methods we used for such tasks were very manual and required a lot of time. Though we had a website, our membership data was maintained on paper.
We began looking at all the Rotary based solutions in the market and found that not only did ClubRunner promise to improve our public face, but they had a lot more to offer in order to simplify our administrative tasks.
As webmaster, the overall look, functionality and ease of use is important to me. I make documents available from the website, change the banner photo several times a year to keep the site fresh, and make many more edits throughout the year. We are an active club and it's important for us to share updates about our activities and accomplishments on a regular basis, so I'm always updating the content and articles on our website. Now that we've been using ClubRunner for a while, we find that our club profile has increased significantly. We have people across the globe look at our website -UK, US, Canada, Sweden, the Cayman Islands, Ghana, Japan and Indonesia are just a few of the countries our viewers come from.
Having such a strong online profile now also helps us promote our events. The markets we conduct now have online booking through ClubRunner and this has assisted us in finding new stall holders and has increased the rate of pre-payments which saves us a lot of time. Online booking for events has also saved the number of telephone calls members have to make, to chase up those who are coming to a dinner or other event. We find that ClubRunner definitely offers a range of advantages and we benefit a lot from using it.
In terms of goals we hope to accomplish in the future, we really want to continue to push our club identity. Having a platform that gives us the abilty to create an online presence is a huge asset. As webmaster, I especially like how I can customize the site to meet the needs of the club. This makes it easy for us to then promote our club.
We are still coming to grips with what ClubRunner offers and having won an award for the 'best website in the District', we know that we made the right decision to go with ClubRunner. It takes a lot of work to maintain a good looking website but my work is so much easier now. Visit our website at
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