Our Vision for ClubRunner

For over 20 years, we’ve had the privilege of serving thousands of Rotary clubs and districts worldwide. Our commitment to innovation has fueled extensive reinvestment in the next generation of ClubRunner. We’ve been hard at work on a new version of ClubRunner that will redefine the landscape of Rotary software and we can’t wait to unveil it!

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Webinar Recording
On Feb 15, 2024, we held a webinar introducing the vision for this new era.
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ClubRunner Nova Vision
Learn more about ClubRunner Nova, a brand new version built on modern architecture - rolling out to Rotary clubs and districts in late 2024.

Webinar Q&A Notes

Read the questions and answers from the webinar below.

Number Question Answer
1 Can you talk about security features in place to protect ClubRunner from cyberattacks? We take security very seriously and have a number of features in place to protect ClubRunner. This was live answered @ 02/15/2024 17:59:18
2 Will there be a sandbox setup for us to test the software? Yes, there will be sandbox access which will be independent of your live system. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to join the Beta group by signing up at https://site.clubrunner.ca/Form/clubrunner-champion to get the latest updates and news.
3 Also, will we be able to import QB info? We are planning some changes to our Finance module, but you will still be able to export your financial data in order to import into any accounting software.
4 To your comment, where is ClubRunner used ... across the world? live answered @ 02/15/2024 18:49:57
5 What is the champion group? The Champions group is a focus group which we invite you to join if you would like to get more frequent updates on the progression of this new version, as well as have early access to preview new functionality. We will also be asking this group for feedback that will help shape the product going forward. There is no minimum time required, and you can sign up or leave at any time.
6 Will you be covering the ClubRunner Event module (that was apparently in beta this past year for events) We'll be touching a little on our Cloud Events module. This is one of the first parts of ClubRunner Nova that we have started to expose to customers. We'll be covering what's to come moreso, than what's available today. But I'll have a member of the team reach out with a copy of our most recent Cloud Events webinar!
7 How do we create a District Directory or attach a PDF file of the same? A member of our team will reach out after this session to help you on this matter.
8 Can you cover the ability of ClubRunner to issue Charitable Tax Receipts (under Canadian tax law). This won't be covered as part of today's webinars, but a member of our team will reach out to understand what is needed and see what we can do to address this need.
9 Could we have Clubrunner in English and Spanish? We do offer ClubRunner in multiple languages including Spanish! Please reach out to our team at support@clubrunner.ca to learn how to have another language added to your account.
10 Will the slides be available? You can access a PDF copy of the slides at www.clubrunner.com/nova
11 Donations module wont function in Australia. Any solution? Donations function on Paypal and Stripe for our Australia customers, and we're working on expanding our payment partners for all customers around the world.
12 I hope that autopay of club dues is a new feature! We are working on that and will make announcements when we release this!
13 Will we be able to set up custom email addresses for club business? We do offer email forwarding as a service where we can set up email addresses using your domain name, if we are managing your domain. Emails received will be forwarded to the individuals you choose to have that setup for.
14 Can we have a submodule to record committee meetings similar to meeting module. We want to record attendance separate from main meeting attendance. Using Make ups is inadequate. Thank you for sharing this feedback. This is something that we are looking to address in the future. I've made sure to add your voice to the ongoing feedback on this item.
15 My question is about the Showcase: We have entered our projects that include volunteer hours and in kind donations and costs. It’s frustrating that these volunteer hours do not flow back into our Trends. Rotary club Central does not have our volunteer hours being logged in. Looks like our club has 0 hours despite our multitudes of hours from our numerous projects. Please advise!!
Rotary Club of SF Chinatown
District 5150
Thank you so much for your feedback on this matter. A member of our team will reach out to better understand what is going on and see what we can do to help.
16 Hopefully dues and billing will work better to integrate past due amounts. Now can only send account statements which don't easily provide detail. You can include a current due amount, by way of the statements. I see you're aware of that limitation. As a note, the Finance module will be rehauled as part of Nova, and you will find it much more flexible.
17 Does this mean that Rotaract data and Rotary data will be accessible in one place? ClubRunner supports Rotary and Rotaract Clubs today, through integration with Rotary International as well.
18 Have you any plans for opening up ClubRunner to allow independent developers to create "plugin" for clubs to add in if they like, as does WordPress? One of our goals with the new version is to make the platform more open and integrated with other systems. For example, we do plan to release an API that will allow you to read and write data into ClubRunner from other applications. We’d love to know more about what specific plugins you are looking for to integrate into the ClubRunner website and invite you to reach out to support@clubrunner.ca with more details on what you would like to see.
19 Will EventRunner be updated at the same time, or perhaps later? I have feedback about the mechanics We're working towards phasing out MyEventRunner, and it will be replaced by our Cloud Events module. This is available for all customers today. We would love to hear your feedback about the mechanics to ensure your concerns are addressed in Cloud Events.
A member of our team will reach out to share some information.
20 Will there be a way in the future to have a ClubRunner lite version for Rotaract ... so there can be continuity ... we lose club memory with clubs especially when they use Instagram, Twitter/X or Facebook only ClubRunner Lite works for Rotaract clubs today! Rotaract is fully supported by the Rotary International Integration services.
We also announced during this webinar that there will be a version of ClubRunner Nova available to all Rotaract clubs within a subscriber District, free of charge.
21 Will editing websites be more user friendly for non computer geeks? With our new editors, it will be easier to add content and images as well as link to other pages and documents. The first phase of Nova will focus on the membership data, user experience, reporting, and financial systems, and does not include a redesign of our website designers, but we would love to hear all of your feedback as we work on improving the website and bulletin designers.
22 Is there a way to create forms within the current club runner and if not will we be able to create customizable forms Nova? No, as of today the current version of ClubRunner does not have customizable forms. However, this is something we do want to work towards for Nova!
23 for clubs that may have customized workflows and home screen presentation to the public, will your new product functionality accomodate for those? Or will there be coding changes necessary by the club webmaster to adapt to the new software enhancements? No coding should be necessary at this time. We will endeavour to make the transition as smooth as possible, with no loss of data, or the need to redo any customizations or workflows.
24 What changes will be made to protect Rotary’s Brand assets? Current ClubRunner has old logos and themes that are not RI Brand compliant. We did make an effort to remove non compliant images working in conjunction with Rotary’s branding team from our central image libraries. Older images will continue to remain as they are in use by customers. If you do see images that are non-compliant, please reach out to our support team at support@clubrunner.ca.
25 Current ClubRunner email tool frequently sends emails to members' junk folders or their employers' systems block the emails before they can even arrive in a member's junk folder. Will Nova improve the liklihood that emails will be successfully delivered? Email delivery is a very complex issue, and we're always working to improve it.If you have any specific issues with email deliverability, contact our support team at support@clubrunner.ca to review your case.
26 Will the new version cost more? No, this is an update to the infrastructure and platform as part of our continual investment into the product, and there will be no additional costs over and above the regular subscription licenses. This was live answered @ 02/15/2024 18:50:12
27 Is there a phone number - where you can talk to a live person about a issue with Club Runner- Thanks Martin Yes Martin. You can reach us toll free at 855 621 2582 option 2 for the support team. We're available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm North American Eastern Time. International callers can reach us at our local number: +1 (647) 490-5878
28 Are you saying that the members and non members will be on one list? They could be in one big list if you wanted that, but we're doing more to unify what a non member is, and allow you to track their journey, engagement, and interactions, whatever that might be. While you can still access members and non-members separately, you will be able to create groups that encompass both lists, for instance if you wanted to email all people that have made a donation in the past year, this does not need to be 2 separate lists, and would include members, past members, contacts, and so on..
29 Does NOVA have a bookkeeping software built into it? This way we can get away from QuickBooks Nova will include a rehaul of our underlying financial systems, which will allow you to track your transactions in more detail across the platform, whether dues, events, donations, etc. In addition, we will be enhancing the export file to include more data. For the time being, we still recommend exporting your financial details to a full-fledged accounting system such as Quickbooks to ensure your club or district follows all local accounting principles.
30 Will Clubrunner Nova allow us to email to Rotarians Worldwide? You will be able to email recipients that are part of your contact lists, whether they are members, past members, contacts, prospects, event attendees, donors, or whatever groups you create. At this time, emailing Rotarians worldwide is not part of the plans due to privacy regulations, but we would love to hear some examples of when you would do this as there may be alternate options to improve communications.
31 What happens if you have more than one login? Nothing changes on that front today. You'll still be able to use multiple logins.
32 Can we brand the login screen images? No, they're specific to ClubRunner at this time, but that is great feedback!.
33 How is this change going to impact those few of us who are working with multiple clubs? I help several clubs in my district with maintaining their sites. Nothing changes on that front today. You'll still be able to use multiple logins.
34 Can you login to multiple club from one account, I am a member of 3 clubs Nothing changes on that front today. You'll still be able to use multiple logins.
35 if we have different logins will we be able to choose our preferred master login? Nothing changes on that front today. You'll still be able to use multiple logins.
36 Can we generate and send invoices and track payments Yes, this can be done through the Dues and Billing module and we are working on making more improvements for better tracking. To learn how to create invoices and track payments: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/dues-billing-guide
37 Will you be able to switch back and forth amongst your accounts? If this question was in reference to the universal login page, you will be able to access the accounts you have access to from the login page only. However switching accounts is a nice feature and we are considering it.
38 Will one login get me into the club and district? Yes. It does today actually, but you have two different login points. With the new universal login screen, you just need to access the same entry point, and then select which account to enter (club or district).
39 Will there be a ClubRunner authenticator app? In regards to MFA/2FA, we will not be creating our own authenticator app at this time, but leveraging current apps that are generally available, like the Microsoft Authenticator, or Google, etc. For the first phase, you will receive an email to the email address on your profile with a code to enter upon login.
40 Will the Membership Success be tied to the RI database leads? RI does not support that functionality currently, but we are in the process of exploring this integration with their teams.
41 Currently I sign in directly to my club’s club runner site. Does this mean that now I will need to login twice, once to the system and then again to my club? No, the new login page gives you a dedicated page to login to your account, in addition to the one that you use today. You do not have to change your process; this just makes it easier to login through a central point, if you wish to do so.
42 Are Sarah and Halle sisters? Yes! For a brief history of ClubRunner and how it was created, see 1:24 to 4:10 minutes in the recording, but in brief, Rotarian Adel Asterbadi created ClubRunner in 2002, and in partnership with his daughters brought the product to the Rotary world.
43 I just added a chatbot to the french section of rotary7040.com Two thoughts: it is really fun, but I also wonder about the security of dropping that script into a story. Unfortunately we cannot speak to third party apps, it is always best to read the terms of use and security documentation of apps you wish to embed into your ClubRunner website. If you’re unsure, please contact our support team at support@clubrunner.ca.
44 About member tracking: Parallel there could be buttons for "requests for leave of absence" "cancelled memberships Rotary year to date" While currently, only admins can add a leave of absence and cancel memberships, more self-serve options for such requests by members is a great idea and we will definitely review this.
45 English is not my mother tongue: What is a drip campaign? A drip campaign is a preconfigured series of emails that are intended to nurture a lead, and ideally is handled in an automatic way rather than manually sent by you. For example, when they first complete an inquiry form, send a Thank you email. Then, one week later, send an email inviting them to attend a meeting. Then, every month thereafter, send them the bulletin, and so on.
46 Will the information from the previous CR be integrated into the new CR? Would hate to lose important information. We will do our absolute best not to cause any data loss, and are planning to migrate any data that is needed for new modules. If that should change for some reason, we will communicate it well in advance with a plan of action.
47 Are Donations available on the District site? Yes, the donations module has already been released and available on your District site.
48 In preparation for NOVA, what can your CR customers expect in respect to training tools, videos, and technical support? Will this install be rolled out to customers or will this be the “big bang approach” and implemented on a a certain date/time for everyone? Will the lay user find the software changes transparent? We use a systems called Cognito for membership intake which includes skill sets of the prospective member. Does CR accommodate for this? We will be releasing many online help articles, videos and will also be hosting webinars. We understand that it’s not ideal to have a sudden change to your membership system, especially with many members in the club in charge of different areas of the platform. The current plan for this is to first open up Nova to the Beta group as part of an early preview and feedback phase. Once the system is ready, clubs will be able to switch to it when they are ready. There will be lots of time provided to allow clubs to prepare, and ample notice will be given before the old version is sunsetted.
49 Will the donation module also generate tax receipts? Not at the moment, but this is a very popular request and we plan to add that feature in the near future.
50 but it takes MONTHS to get the PAYA set up and now if we change treasurers there is NOT an easy way to change that It shouldn't be taking anywhere near that long to get things setup and working with the Paya Team. We'll reach out and make sure you have the information you need to transaction online payments.
51 Will you be able to make donations to the Rotary Foundation??? The Donations module lets you set up campaigns to collect donations on your own website and collect the funds into your own bank account. We are looking into ways to make it easier for members to find the link to be able to make a quick donation to the Rotary Foundation, stay tuned!
52 Donations works in all countries? Correct! You just need to connect one of our supported payment merchants to your account in order to collect online donations. You can learn more about this module here: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/guides/donations or contact us at support@clubrunner.ca for specific instructions.
53 Key issue with CloudEvents - cannot see what you set up from user perspective, make any changes needed, etc before publishing, no control. just tried to set up event, and publication was instantaneous, and none of conditional navigation I coded was displayed. Also no control over where the event displays on Clubrunner Thank you for the suggestion on being able to view the event on the website before clicking on the Publish button. We will take that into review. For the navigation, would you be able to please reach out to our support team at support@clubunner.ca so we can review what was not supported and gather more details on the last point regarding event display options as well?
54 Is donations connected to the Foundation giving like Raise for Rotary The Donations module lets you set up campaigns to collect donations on your own website and collect the funds into your own bank account. It is not connected to the Foundation at this time, but rather meant for your own club or district campaigns.
55 Can you create QR codes to direct the public to make donations? While we do not generate a QR code, you can do this using a third party software but we will take this as a suggestion to review!
56 Will you support multiple credit card connections? We have 3 bank accounts that we use 3 credit card account to go into and 2 go to our Foundation and 1 goes to our club, so we need to be able to use all 3 at the same time. For example, we may have club members paying dues so that goes into our club account and then we may also have a donation campaign running and those funds need to go to our foundation accounts. The donations module supports separate merchant accounts per campaign. You are also able to specify unique merchant accounts for modules such as events, dues, and so on. If you have any specific concerns or finding difficulty doing this, please reach out to us at support@clubrunner.ca so that we may look into it.
57 Who inputs donations that can be made at Club lever, mailed to RI, etc Those with an access level of 30, 40 and 50 can set up the donations module. Once linked on your website, anybody can make donations. You can learn more here: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/guides/donations/introduction-to-donations
58 When will you have recurring donations? Thank you for the feedback. This is on our roadmap for the future and we will make announcements as we work on this feature.
59 Is the donation module available in Australia in the future? It is today! As long as you connect a supported payment merchant account, you can begin to collect donations through your website. Contact our team if you’d like any support navigating this.
60 Regarding the member application forms, can we create a form specific to our Club criteria or is it a universal form? Currently it is a universal form with the most common questions most clubs ask. We do plan to roll out the ability to further customize the form per club.
61 Will you have connectors to other CRM platforms? Thank you for this request. What are some of the other types of CRM platforms you may want to connect to, and what types of integrations are you looking into, i.e. is this for leads, contacts, or members? We are always looking to hear more on this request and the purpose behind it. We invite you to reach out to support@clubrunner.ca to share more about this need.
62 We are doing our second event using CR and it's a it clunky. Maybe easier to send an email to you. Yes, please send an email to support@clubrunner.ca and we’d be happy to assist. We would be curious to know which event module you are using, as each may be suited to a certain type of event.
63 For donations, can these be linked to our Rotary’s account? Yes, when setting up the donation campaign, you select the merchant account to link to. Click here to learn more: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/how-do-i-create-a-new-donation-campaign
64 Would members be able to view their foundation contribution and see what level they are? This is something we are working on releasing in the near future, based on customer feedback!
65 Does your new member tracking assume that the prospective member knows what Rotary is all about in the first place? For example, if someone signs up, or gives you an email address, but they are exploring what Rotary does locally, and globally, can they obtain this information from this website? Thank you
(Maybe you’ll address this later…..??)
We recommend having a page about Rotary and your club and the benefits of being a member. Once a prospect completes an inquiry form, you can start a conversation with them and log notes on their profile as well to document their interest level. You can also set up automated emails that can send some more information about what your club is about, its work in the community, and Rotary in general. If the prospect is interested in joining, you can continue down the workflow and update their status to the various stages until they become a member; whereas if they decide during this stage, Rotary is not for them, you can close the prospect record. To learn more about the Membership Success module, visit: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/membership-success
66 Will current recorded events/bulletins be transitioned over ? Cloud Events is a new events module. Your events set up in the Event Planner will continue to stay there. Bulletins are not affected with this update.
67 Will we be able to make a donation to the Rotary Foundation??? The donations module is meant for your club or district to collect donations for initiatives supported on the club or district level. That being said, we are working to make the link to make a donation to the Foundation more prominent and easier for members to find. Stay tuned!
68 Why is your credit card processing so expensive as opposed to other processors? We are expanding our options of payment providers such as Stripe and PayPal, stay tuned!
69 With the donation module, does the money go to the Foundation or to the Club? Each donation campaign can be connected to a specific merchant account that you control, which would go into whichever bank accounts they're connected with. The donations module is really intended for clubs and districts to create their own local campaigns, as the funds will come into your own accounts. What you decide to do with those funds is up to you, and in theory they could be diverted to the Foundation if you wish to manually make a lump sum payment, but it’s not recommended in case members made donations, their contribution wouldn’t be recognized directly. We are working on making the links to the Foundation donation pages more prominent and easily found by members, so stay tuned!
70 what form of payments is available (i.e. paypal, stripe, venmo,etc.) The following are the merchant gateways we support:
  • Paya for United States
  • Bambora/Worldline for Canada
  • eWay for Australia
  • Windcave for New Zealand
  • PayPal
  • Stripe (currently supported for Cloud Events and Donations)
We are looking to expand this in the new version, so if you have a specific request, we’d love to hear it!
71 Does the new Events module replace the existing MyEventRunner? There is a lot of crossover in terms of features between the two, and eventually MyEventRunner will be sunsetted.
72 Have you fixed the bug in Cloud Events where all Events entered default onto the District Calendar? Yes, this has been fixed!
73 Is the ClubRunner Events page connected to EventRunner? You do have the ability to display events set up in MyEventRunner on your event calendar.
74 Are we limited to a specific amount of support calls/messages? Support is available to all users under a customer's subscription. That's all users from the district, or the club. We do not impose limits to our support.
75 Is the donation part of the lower level membership? I thought that was additional cost? The Donations module is part of ClubRunner Lite and Standard! There is no additional cost to using it. If you’re unsure, reach out to our support team to check into your account. You can reach us at support@clubrunner.ca.
76 Would members be able to pay their dues and other invoices using their mobile app? We are working on reviewing feedback for our mobile app to have it include more self-serve items. Our last update includes the ability to edit certain fields within your profile, but we have been hearing more and more feedback on our mobile app, which we are continually working to improve. Stay tuned!
77 So this becomes a donor management system as well? Correct, you can collect general donations or per campaign, and anyone who donates gets tracked in ClubRunner. Down the road, you’ll be able to easily create segments that include donors, so they will be part of your Contacts. Right now, you will only be able to see them as a separate listing, but eventually all people that interact with your club will be harmonized to make it even easier to manage.
78 It would be awesome if every year, a scripted mail could go to each director in each role with tips and clubrunner highlights that are applicable only to that role. I am membership chair and didn’t even know about the Member Success section. The Donation section could be sent to the Fundraising Director. Thanks for your consideration. Thank you for your feedback! We will definitely make more of an effort to send more update related emails.
79 Events module - can this manage an online Auction No, this would not work for auction purposes as that would require users to bid whereas Cloud Events allows you to offer tickets and products for purchase.
80 What payment platforms can be used for donations? Will we be able to use paypal? The following are the merchant gateways we support for donations:
  • Paya for United States
  • Bambora/Worldline for Canada
  • PayPal
  • Stripe (currently supported for Cloud Events and Donations)
81 Is recording of meetings possible with the new club runner? If you are referring to recording a video of the meeting, that is not in our immediate plan. However, ClubRunner allows you to record attendance for a meeting if that’s what you meant. To learn more, refer to our knowledgebase here: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/attendance
82 Do we need to use your payment system for tickets and donations? We use Stripe instead. You will be able to use your Stripe account for Cloud Events and Donations. Please get in touch with us to get this connected. You can reach us at support@clubrunner.ca.
83 can we now have one person sign up for more than one person- or do they still have to sign up one at a time - will it be more like Eventbrite or still one at a time Yes, you can buy multiple tickets and add different attendees per ticket, allowing you to register multiple people with one transaction.
84 in Events is there a way to specify on receipts the location date and time of pickup/delivery etc. The confirmation emails within Cloud Events can be customized, and these can be different for the buyer themselves or to each attendee if needed, so you can definitely add more details! In addition, you can customize the confirmation screen that the buyer lands on once they’ve completed their transaction, which is another great place to add more information on next steps.
85 Will this be the only version of CR or will the old version still be usable? There are many members who cannot even deal with what we have now, never mind trying to go into a new version. There will be some time where both versions will be available, however once a club decides to switch over, this will take effect for all members who login. One of the goals of Nova is to make it much more intuitive and easy to use, so hopefully your new members will find it less daunting. Another note is that while the overall experience will feel new, not all modules will change drastically from day one, for example the website and bulletin designers will remain the same initially. What will change is the member list, member profile, sending emails, and contact management, to name a few.
86 Will the 2FA security support Passkeys, FIDO2 keys, and TOTP codes at launch? Please don’t require SMS or email. Thank you for your feedback. The initial phase of MFA/2FA will be an email code, but as we collect feedback during the Beta stage, we will review additional options that leverage existing technology.
87 One limitation of today’s donation module is all campaigns have to go to the same bank/CC account. Our club has a foundation and club that are separate. We need to be able to set each campaign to a different account. Will that be available in Nova or soon? We recently changed this! Now you can set a specific payment account for each donation campaign.
88 Will you be making it possible to integrate STRIPE as a payment system? Yes, we will be integrating Stripe as a payment provider in the very near future, stay tuned.
89 Will we be able to take payments and run credit cards through Cloud Events and also donate page? Yes, that is currently available. For more detail on how to set this up, please contact us at support@clubrunner.ca or visit the following help pages:
90 Are clubs using events instead of EventBrite? Are card processing services included? Yes, cloud events is intended to be used instead of Event Brite, and offers very similar functionality. You are able to collect credit card payments by connecting to a merchant account. The ability to pass the processing fees to the buyer is a feature coming soon!
91 Will some modules -- donations, events -- be accessible to public without login? Yes, donations and events supports public/guest access, and do not require login to register or donate (if you choose to do so).
92 Who inputs engagement activities? How? Most of the engagement activities such as login activity, events registered for, email preferences are all automatically logged per the member’s activity. We are planning to expand the ability to add more engagement points, including manual activities that the administrator or club executives can input. We would love to hear more about what types of engagement you would like to see included, so we invite you to join our Beta group! You can sign up at any time at: https://site.clubrunner.ca/Form/clubrunner-champion
93 Will it be possible for designer/developers to create a template or "skin" for ClubRunner Nova? a) club site overall; b) specific sections such as a feature event? We’d love to connect and chat further to get more details on this idea. May we ask you to connect with our team through support@clubrunner.ca to share more details on this suggestion? Today, you are able to upload a custom CSS stylesheet to override the public website style, but we’d like to hear more about the types of changes you’d be looking to make, as we are looking at ways of making this easier for clubs without the need for a developer.
94 Can we create presentations on powerpoint from CR? No, that functionality is not available in ClubRunner, but you are able to upload PPT files to your public website or the internal documents area for members.
95 Can donations go to our foundation's bank account and dues to our club's bank account? Yes, you can have more than one payment account in ClubRunner and set different campaigns with different payment accounts and ultimately bank accounts.
96 Will Clubrunner integrate with Quickbooks? Eg for membership dues as amounts receivable? At the moment, you are able to export your financial details from the Dues and Billing module, which can be imported into Quickbooks. That being said, Nova will include a rehaul of our underlying financial systems, which will allow you to track your transactions in more detail across the platform, whether dues, events, donations, etc. We will be also be enhancing the export to support virtually any accounting system.
97 With respect to the financial channels will ClubRunner Nova allow users to add channels? We aren’t too sure what is meant by channels - did you mean new payment gateway options? If so, we are going to be expanding the list of payment gateways we support. If that is not what you meant, please do reach out to our support team at support@clubrunner.ca so we can make sure to answer your question correctly!
98 The universal login is nice for someone involved more than in the club but for a club member its more complex than just logging in at our club site. Hopefully that will still be available It will definitely still be available! The universal login will just be an additional way to log in directly from our main ClubRunner website and be redirected back to your club account. We designed this based on feedback from many clubs and districts that members had trouble finding their websites in order to login.
99 How extensive will the financial section be? Can a club use it to manage its financials and submit 990's? While Nova will include a rehaul of the underlying financial systems, it will not however replace an accounting system. We plan to enhance the exports to support virtually any accounting system and will continue to recommend that your club or district employ a full fledged accounting system for proper tracking of all of your clubs’ finances in accordance with your local accounting principles.
100 Will it be more difficult for members to opt out of receiving email from ClubRunner. No, members will be able to unsubscribe the same way today by clicking on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails received.
101 Is the website integrated with CluRunner and would be integrated with facebook so when we post on facebook, it will automatically post to our website We do not offer an automatic post to Facebook but will review this as feedback! You are able to add a facebook feed however to your website, which will display all your facebook posts directly within ClubRunner.
102 Will there be an interface with the MoneyMinder accounting software with the ClubRunner Financials? We do not offer a direct integration with MoneyMinder but you can export your financial details to import into your accounting software. Part of Nova’s upgrade will be a rehaul of the financial systems and export, and our goal is to support multiple accounting programs with flexible export files.
103 Is there an easy way to create a report for birthdays? Yes, you can access the Birthdays and Anniversaries report. To learn more, please review this help article: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/what-is-the-birthday-anniversary-report
104 To IF: We continue to use Eventbrite to process payments to keep Credit Card processing off our system (better security) we then just export/import the data. As a note, we never store any credit card details in our system. ClubRunner is PCI compliant and all transactions with credit cards are handled by the payment gateway. We have recently heard feedback regarding importing attendee data into an event (for cases where registration occurred off ClubRunner) and are currently reviewing this as part of our import upgrades.
105 When is Nova going online? We are currently aiming to launch Nova around November 2024 however will have sandbox access available sooner. We will share more details on the logistics and any plans closer to these timelines. We encourage you to join our Beta group to stay updated on the latest news by signing up at https://site.clubrunner.ca/Form/clubrunner-champion
106 now for events there is events and event runner, will nova roll these together into one event module? Cloud Events (which is available today) is the replacement for MyEventRunner and Event Planner. We are working on consolidating the event experience into one, so that users do not have to decide which module to build their event in!
107 will the projects module up sync to the RI showcase/ aka club central? While this isn’t possible today due to Rotary International not yet making it possible, we are exploring this option with the RI teams and are advocating for it!
108 What about week to week record-keeping, attendance, make-ups, and reports on that? This is available today via our Attendance module. There are no immediate plans to change this module, however we are looking at expanding the engagement tracking to encompass committee meetings, events, and more as a more holistic view of a member’s engagement.
109 Would the members be able to log their service hours on the mobile app? We are looking to add more self-serve options in our mobile app and will take this away as feedback!
110 How do I apply for early access to beta test? We invite you to sign up as a ClubRunner Champion at: https://site.clubrunner.ca/Form/clubrunner-champion. This will allow you to have early access to a sandbox as part of a preview and feedback phase, as well as receive the latest updates. There is no minimum commitment of time, and you can opt out at any time. Thank you for your support!
111 The ClubRunner app is nice. It would also be nice if the Nova web pages rendered nicely on phone-size screens. If you are referring to your ClubRunner website, we use bootstrap technology which is for mobile compatibility. If there is any page not rendered nicely on your device, we would recommend contacting our support team to investigate further. You can reach us at support@clubrunner.ca.
112 and will it be easier to send club-wide emails? the current process is very clumsy The new email message center has been designed for better ease of use, more control over your recipients and to give you more insight into your stats from the start! This will be rolled out as part of the Nova version.
113 How much training will be required? Will this be available to all Rotary members? This will be available to all Rotary members, provided your club or District is a subscriber. We are improving the user experience, so we don’t anticipate any major training needed, but we will of course be providing plenty of training materials and videos.
114 Will you allow more than 2,000 ClubRunner characters in a person’s biography? (I find that MS Word gives a different number of characters than ClubRunner does). and 2,000 characters is very limited. Thank you for the suggestion, we will definitely review this and it will likely be addressed as part of the major database upgrade that Nova brings.
115 We use QuickBooks to manage our financials. With these new features in CR, can it connect to a bank for deposits/expenses or would we still need to use a 3-rd party app? This new function will not replace an accounting system but does make it easier to view invoices and payments along with their status, with the ability to export your financials to Quickbooks or other systems for further management.
116 Can we print mailing labels? Yes! Please follow the instructions listed here to print mailing labels: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/how-do-i-view-and-print-club-mailing-labels
117 Will donations be in local currencies Yes, you can set the account currency to your own local one, and provided the merchant payment processor supports it, you should be able to accept donations in your local currency. Contact us at support@clubrunner.ca to review your specific currency and how you can get started.
118 Will there be greater flexibility with the look of the front page? Do you mean your website or the Admin dashboard upon logging in? We encourage you to contact us at support@clubrunner.ca to see how we can help you accomplish what you want. Oftentimes there is more that you can do than known, and we are happy to point you in the right direction and give you some tips!
119 Will there be good synchronization with My Rotary? We do offer 2-way synchronization of the member data with Rotary International! To learn more about data sync and what is offered today, please refer to the following: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/rotary-international-integration-2. If you are referring to something other than the member data, we would love to hear more about what you’d like to see integrated so that we may explore this further with Rotary International.
120 My two curiosities are:
  1. Will there be SEO Page Titles and Meta Descriptions for all the public facing pages
  2. Will there be a Form Builder and/or a Grant Request Application in there
Thank you for this great feedback! Individual page titles and meta descriptions per page is something we have heard, and are reviewing. While it won’t likely be part of the initial Nova rollout, we are exploring it as part of a general update to our website module. In regards to a form builder and the ability to build application forms, yes, this is part of the exciting future that Nova will bring! Stay tuned and join our Beta group to be the first to hear about updates.
121 Can we access a Membership List in a prior year, say 5 years ago? …with members that may have left Rotary? Yes absolutely! It may be best to use the Download Member Data report if you are looking to modify the filters by date range, which include date joined and date terminated. The following article goes over how to use this report builder: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/how-do-i-download-member-data
122 So nova will take over the clubrunner format that's out right now ? Yes, Nova will eventually replace the current format. While not all modules will be replaced from the beginning, you will notice a new look and navigation, and over time, modules will be enhanced as they continue to be rolled out.
123 Will Nova be running faster than the existing system, that sometimes takes 30 seconds to respond to a click. This is one of the major goals of Nova - improved performance and speed, which is due to a large modernization of the underlying architecture. At launch, you will notice the overall navigation, member listing and profiles, and email message center to be the first to move to the newer technology. As time goes on, more and more modules will be ported over and this will continue to improve their loading times.
124 Member emails sometimes change for a variety of reasons, job changes, ISP changes, etc. Keeping the email in CR in sync with RI is crucial for following the member, their donations, etc. Unfortunately, if one registers with a different email you may create a duplicate record requiring RI to do a merge. so how to seamlessly keep records in CR and RI in sync when a change is instigated in one platform? (don’t know the answer but you may have some thinking on this) This is a great question. Members and club executives can update the member’s email address in ClubRunner and the member themselves can update their new email address on RI. In updating both systems, duplicate records will not be created. Further, we are rolling out an enhancement to the integration when emails are updated (which are one of the most frequently failed updates due to stringent rules on RI’s database), which should reduce the error rate. We recommend reaching out to our support team at support@clubrunner.ca to discuss this further if you encounter a specific case that should be reviewed.
125 On sign in can you give the option to see my password. I have fat fingers and often hit two keys at once. As the login stands I have the opotion to see my password so I have to try several times....Thank you...PJ We just introduced this feature on the mobile app. For online browsers, the ability to view the password you are typing does appear by default on certain browsers such as Edge. For others, we are looking into this.
126 Can you speak to subscriber management and expressed consent to adhere to CASL legislation? We adhere to CASL, CAN-SPAM and GDPR regulations for subscriber management and opt out functionality. Adding new contacts into the system requires acknowledgment of explicit consent, and we include Unsubscribe links on all outgoing email they may receive. Further, we offer anonymization tools right in ClubRunner that allow you to scramble their Personally Identifiable Information upon request. If you have any detailed questions on any of the above, please reach out to our team at support@clubrunner.ca and we’d be more than happy to help!
127 How does a Fellowship get access to Nova? We have a product specifically designed for Rotary Action Groups and Fellowships which we would love to showcase to you! If you can reach out to support@clubrunner.ca, we would love to set up a demo.
128 It's hard enough to train many people - especially those who don't use technology at all. The customization and personalization is great for people who are comfortable with it. If people are seeing something different, how is the trainer going to deal with that? We don’t anticipate that you will need much training but we are still going to be holding multiple webinars, releasing on-demand videos and help articles. There will also be a dedicated section on our Community to post questions to us and to other ClubRunner users.
129 Will you be able to advertise either fundraising or service projects to other regional Rotary Clubs? We are planning more ways to showcase events and projects regionally, stay tuned!
Number Question Answer
130 How will website designer be enhanced with NOVA to make it less clunky and more user friendly? Improvements to the website are all going to be part of the second phase on Nova. We would love to hear your feedback in the meantime on what you would like to see as part of website improvements. We invite you to share your feedback on our Community site at www.clubrunnercommunity.com or by emailing our support team at support@clubrunner.ca.
131 Will there be a texting option? While we do not support SMS (texting) today, our mobile broadcasts allow you to send push notifications to all members through the app. As we review our options with texting, we will continue to make announcements.
132 Will I be able to set up frequency in Events like I can in Calendar, eg: every Tuesday, first Sunday of the month. I know you can Copy but it still involves a bit of work. Cloud Events does not have a recurring option at this time but this is something we will be reviewing. You are able to create recurring calendar items today.
133 Will there be conversion issues with our websites? No conversions will be necessary as your website will remain unaffected.
134 Any integration tools to identify / match social media followers to email database of non-members and web visitors Thank you for the suggestion! We will review it with our product team.
135 Can creating signatures on the email templates be made more user friendly, ie. adding logos or photos, etc. Thank you for the feedback - this will be improved with a new email interface in Nova.
136 Does the email module allow for responses and discussion? Not at the moment but we will take this away as feedback to consider!
137 Will editor be WYSIWYG, that is our biggest issue with website and bulletin construction The new editor we showed in the webinar is an upgraded version and offers more options such as image editing. We are looking for feedback on the website and bulletins and would love to hear more about what you would like to see. We invite you send us your feedback at support@clubrunner.ca or post on our community at www.clubrunnercommunity.com.
138 Are there plans to make the clubrunners more deliverable --- currently they do not get to many member's email boxes -- and no they are not in spam -- they just never arrive to a number of recipient emails That is very concerning to hear, but they are likely on the blocked list due to a prior email failure or the member having inadvertently marked it as spam. May we ask you to reach out to our support team at support@clubrunner.ca so that a member of our team can investigate why your members are not receiving emails?
139 will CR let us use our own email. i.e. we don't have to get an @clubrunner.com We’re exploring the ability, thank you for the feedback! One reason we change the sender email to use the ClubRunner domain is to further improve deliverability to members’ inboxes.
140 Will clubs/members have the ability to send group texts (i.e. last minute change of meeting venue, etc)? While we do not offer SMS service today, you are always able to send announcements such as change of venue for meetings through our mobile broadcast feature through the mobile app! We are also going to be expanding the option of recipient groups for push notifications through the app.
141 Have standardized acknowledgement badge icons that can be used by ANY rotary club including PHF, Benefactor, and AKS. While you give the club the option to do this with creating their own badges, it would be great to have the ability to have this in a standardized format, in alignment with RI branding icons so that all clubs follow a general model. This is great feedback, and we will be exploring more tight integrations for these types of designations, Foundation levels, and more with Rotary International. Stay tuned!
142 Does this new version fix the problem with the Facebook widget? I have been told by Clubrunner support that they cannot fix the current known problem. Thanks There should no longer be any issue with the Facebook widget however we do recommend contacting our support team at support@clubrunner.ca if you are encountering difficulties so that we may investigate further.
143 Suggest a PP webinar closer to Nova launch to be played at meetings for all members to familiarize themselves with new features. This is useful although premature if launch is anticipated late this year. Absolutely, we will be holding a number of webinars leading to the launch of Nova and after! This webinar was intended to give our users as much notice as possible and to have any interested clubs join our Beta group! We’ll be sharing more updates within our community at www.clubrunnercommunity.com.
144 what is the app labeled as in the app store You can search for “ClubRunner” on the app store for both Apple and Google. To learn more about the ClubRunner app, visit: https://www.clubrunner.ca/mobile.
145 Will email have simpler image import (drag and drop). Same for event pages where now you can’t put images in the detail, only the image on the side One of the enhancements in Nova will be the HTML editor, along with an improved image uploader which will allow you to edit the image after uploading. You should be able to add images alongside your text within the editor today, and we will ensure this remains. We invite you to contact us at support@clubrunner.ca if you are having difficulty doing this today, so that we can investigate further.
146 What are the integrations with Office, Google and apple? Integrations is a long term goal of Nova, and one of these types will be Single Sign On with other platforms.
147 will donations use Zelle? We have not integrated Zelle at this time, but our goal is to expand payment gateways based on user feedback. Today, you can collect funds through any of our support merchant gateways:
  • Paya for United States
  • Bambora/Worldline for Canada
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
148 is the cut and paste feature on the new email system better We have upgraded the editor used which comes with a host of improved options including copy/paste!
149 Will the new editor support Markdown for message creation & editing? Support for Markdown is not currently in our plans, but we thank you for the feedback and will share it with our product team.
150 The Google Store App fails to open on Samsung phones. Has that been addressed? Are you referring to the ClubRunner app? We recommend that you also check that you have the latest version of the app installed on your device. If our app is failing to load on your phone, please do contact our support team at support@clubrunner.ca so that our team can assist!
151 Does the email now have a "reply all" function? We often have events coming up where we need to find someone to fill a shift, and being able to do a reply all "I can fill that vacancy" would reduce a lot of the traffic. In the absence of that, we do two things either revert to an email list and ask people to respond ONLY if they can fill the vacancy, or we trawl through all the responses that say "not me". The email module does not currently have a reply-all function, but what you've described would be best suited for a more interactive discussion board or chat, which is feedback we've received and are reviewing. You may want to check out our Volunteers module which allows you to setup a signup list for members to sign themselves up for specific shifts or tasks!
152 Is desk top view and mobile view similar to each other? A mobile view is a modified view where the content of the page shifts to fit the device in the most optimal way, whereas desktop view is when the layout displays as designed. As an example, if you had a row of 3 images side by side, the mobile view would stack them one above the other.
153 Will Nova & RI membership lists be automatically integrated? This upgrade will not affect RI data integration, and data will continue to synchronize between ClubRunner and RI. If this feature is on for your club, your data will continue to sync with Rotary International. For more information please see https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/rotary-international-integration-2
154 Will current financial records be transferred over from CR to Nova? thanks Paul Your data will continue to remain unaffected, including your financial records.
155 Why do we need to pay $100 to remove the banner every year-makes no sense. The banner ads help offset a portion of the cost of the platform as these are sponsored ads. They are limited to official Rotary licensees.
156 Is there a document area for members to load, store and exchange documents Yes, there is a document repository in ClubRunner but you do need an access level of 50 or better to upload documents; any member can download from this library. You can learn more here: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/how-do-i-manage-club-documents
157 Will all content automatically optimize for desktop and mobile? Yes, ClubRunner is designed to be mobile-friendly.
158 Will the grant module be updated and improved on the district ClubRunner? Updates to the Grants module are planned for a future phase but we would love to hear your feedback on changes you would like to see. Please email us your feedback at support@clubrunner.ca.
159 Would love information on getting ClubRunner for Fellowships - specifically look for Rotary Wine Appreciation Fellowship. May we ask you to please reach out to us at sales@clubrunner.ca? We would love to demo our version for Fellowships and Rotary Action Groups!
160 Regarding messaging using the app. Can we create groups and send messages to these groups independently of the entire membership? We've just recently added district level groups, and are working on adding more recipient groups as options for our mobile notifications feature, stay tuned!
161 Is document storage any different within CR? We do offer document storage through the Documents repository! We would love to hear your feedback on what you would like to see with the documents feature. Please do reach out to us at support@clubrunner.ca.
162 Considering that the average age of a Rotarian is in the 50's or 60's, have you considered how to keep the login & User Interface EASY to navigate for those less technically-minded? Yes, we have taken all the feedback received very seriously to create an easy to use and intuitive login page and user experience in Nova. We're eagerly awaiting the response from our beta users and will continue improving it based on your feedback.
163 My biggest advice to ANYONE doing design - make it “Amazon” Easy. simple, click, drag drop resize.
the financial module should mimic an amazon buy and check out because a huge % of users are familiar with this flow.
Design is a nightmare on CR. Not intuitive at all. Looking forward to the upgrades. THANK YOU!!!!
Yes, user experience and ease of use is a key objective of Nova and we hope you will find the future updates easier to use.
164 Is there going to be an easier way to delete people who have blocked our emails? It's too cumbersome to delete one at a time in the bounced emails area. You can select more than one to unblock as well! Simply check the box next to the name and scroll to the bottom to click on the Unblock button.
165 Do you have any certifications from your security audits? We take security very seriously and have a number of features in place to protect ClubRunner. This was live answered @ 02/15/2024 17:59:18
166 We need a better way to store documents (minutes, financials) and make them available to club members We would recommend adding these to the document repository, or using the Committees module. You can learn more about uploading documents here: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/how-do-i-manage-club-documents. As a note, Committees will be seeing a major overhaul as part of a future phase of Nova, stay tuned.
167 Will you be expanding storage capacities? Particularly expanding document types, multimedia files, etc. We do not enforce storage limits in ClubRunner, and the intention is for clubs and districts to remain within "reasonable" limits. This is the primary reason video or multimedia files are restricted, as they would impact not only the space but performance of the system as a whole. If there is a specific document or file type you have in mind, please let us know by emailing us at support@clubrunner.ca and we can look into it.
168 Will the second source of verification include facial recognition? For the initial phase, the multi-factor authentication will email the user a code to enter into the login screen. After rollout, we will review the feedback and continue to enhance the functionality.
169 When will we hear about the migration path for clubs? Do we all migrate at the same time? Can we choose? Do we have to go when our District goes? How will this work? Nova will be launched across clubs and districts separately. We will communicate more details on anticipated rollout dates, and clubs and districts will be notified in advance. That said, we planning this migration to happen seamlessly so there is no conversion or migration that needs to be done on your part.
170 2FA is not appreciated by everyone, is this something each member can opt in or out of? Hopefully so. Some of our members have enough trouble now logging in, adding 2FA will be a hurdle for them. Please make this an option, not forced. Absolutely, the MFA option can be enabled by the member or club. We will not enforce it on everyone by default.
171 Help me understand how you provide counsel to your customers in addressing how best to manage CR updates. You are probably cognizant that many clubs have limited skill sets of its membership especially with screen designs and flow, and therefore some of the bells and whistles you are articulating may not be taken full advantage of. Not because of desire, it’s that we don’t have the PeoplePower to accommodate the changes. So some counsel on approach would be welcome. Absolutely, we will provide guidance during the release. First of all, we aim to minimize any disruption to your usage. That said, if there is anything that needs to be done or changed, we will communicate it with you, and our support team will be happy to assist
172 Which APP do we use - the ClubRunner reference one or one of the many Rotary Club ones? The app we referenced in the webinar is the ClubRunner app. You can learn more at www.clubrunner.ca/mobile.
173 Will this platform work on all browsers- Chrome, IOS, Safari, Google, etc. Yes, it works on all major browsers. You can learn more about which browsers ClubRunner works best on here: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/system-requirements
174 Does it integrate/sync with DACdb? Our system integrates with Rotary International. If your district or club uses a different club management provider, you are able to use the 2-way True Sync to retrieve the latest updates from RI to ClubRunner, thereby completing the loop.
To learn more about RI Integration, please visit: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/introduction-to-ri-integration or contact our support team.
175 Will the slides be available to share with my Club members? Yes, the slides will be available on our community site here: https://www.clubrunnercommunity.com/threads/clubrunner-nova-2024-announcement-and-webinar-recording.882/
176 If we use CR for fundraising, will the emails go out from our club's domain (in my case kcrotary.ca) or the ClubRunner domain? You will be able to select the sender name and reply email address for confirmation emails. When viewed in the email program, the recipient sees the name as the From and a modified version of your email using the clubrunner.email domain. We do this to ensure high delivery rates.
177 Will this help with sending newsletters? As a repository for club documents for members to access? We are going to be introducing more segments for bulletin and emails. We also currently offer a documents repository where you can store documents for members! To learn more, visit: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/how-do-i-manage-club-documents
178 What are champions? Champions are a group of ClubRunner users that get first access to beta products, participate in focus groups and feedback, and can advocate for the platform at events. For more info and to sign up: https://site.clubrunner.ca/Form/clubrunner-champion
179 My club knows I would NOT be Secretary without ClubRunner - and I am very excited about Nova! Hopefully none of the current extensions eg. committees module will disappear. That is so great to hear! Rest assured there will be minimal disruption to your data, and our goal is to enhance modules rather than remove them.
180 Are districts being advised to amp their insurance coverage to include enhanced cyber-security and E&O given volunteers manage confidential data? I’ve never had IT security training within Rotary, I don’t believe. Given that this is a delicate matter with nuances and legal consideration, we recommend that your district seek the advice of a lawyer or Rotary International on this.
181 Can anything be done to keep the sender of emails from CR getting their personal email blacklisted by Google's spam filters? It's a constant problem with anyone who sends email from CR. It drives me crazy and has already happened to me. We would recommend contacting our support team at support@clubrunner.ca as this should not be happening, and with more details, they will be able to assist.
182 I help administrator ClubRunner for 3 clubs in addition to having District and Zone responsibilities. Will the single log in allow for access for multiple clubs that have provided authorization? Yes, the single login will make it a little easier to manage multiple clubs that you are authorized to access, by using a single page to log in.
183 Rotaractors can also be rotarians simultaneously, currently we have to create separate accounts. Will that be still the case. We are not sure if RI supports this, but we’ll pass the feedback to the Product team for review.
184 How do you apply for Fellowship status? We recommend you contact Rotary International for assistance with this question.
185 Can you address billing? And can tax letters be automatically sent? The issuing of tax receipts is a popular request and on our roadmap. Overall, there will be more enhancements to billing coming for Nova, including recurring billing and subscription management, stay tuned!
186 When will Training for the new system start for Clubs? We will begin making announcements closer to the end of 2024.
187 Any improvements to the clunky calendar / event system would be greatly appreciated One of the goals of Nova is to streamline the way events are managed through a more unified module. We’d love to hear more of your feedback on the events calendar. Cloud Events is a revamped events module making it easy to set up events and we’d love to hear your thoughts on it once you have tried it out! To learn more about how to setup an event with Cloud Events, visit: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/how-to-create-a-cloud-event
188 Will there be analytics that show page clicks and article clicks etc.? Yes, we already support integration with Google Analytics so you can track website performance and clicks. To learn how to set this up, visit: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/how-to-track-website-statistics-with-google-analytics
You are also able to review click tracking for links included in your email campaigns. To learn more about link tracking, refer to: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/how-do-i-view-my-email-stats#email_link_tracking
189 Is it possible to allow for committees to be automatically transferred into the new Rotary year rather than having to add all in each year? Obviously chance to edit but would like opportunity to not have to redo each committee Yes, you are able to transfer committees that are created as Yearly Committees year after year. Please refer to the following help article to learn more: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/committee-management-guide
190 So backwards compatibility, if someone screwed up the old cr, will those mistakes be ported over too? I have spent months fixing someone else's "quick" fixes. Generally the data will remain the same. So if you currently have issues, please contact our support team and we’d be happy to assist.
191 Why beta test with Rotary Action Groups vs. a club or district? Rotary Action Groups do not have the large amount of legacy data that is tightly integrated with Rotary International, so it was easier to roll it out for them sooner. Much of the work in Nova is rolling it out seamlessly behind the scenes by migrating and transforming data and content.
192 Improving the flexibility to club bulletins would also be greatly appreciated Thank you for the suggestion! Please do reach out to us at support@clubrunner.ca with what you would like to see improved within bulletins.
193 Zach, I would love to be a beta site - club or district! I am so excited to see Nova for Rotary. I have known about this new platform for a few years. I just wish it would be implemented as an overall subscription by district with clubs as subsets. That should save clubs a lot of money. We’re glad to have you participate! Please do sign up as a beta tester and we will be sure to reach out, as we'd love to learn more about your feedback regarding the district level subscription: https://site.clubrunner.ca/Form/clubrunner-champion
194 The Rotary Club of New Canaan, CT, District 7980, will be happy to be a BETA tester. We’re glad you want to participate! Please do sign up as a beta tester and we will be sure to reach out: https://site.clubrunner.ca/Form/clubrunner-champion
195 When we use modules, is that information/data shared with Rotary International? Is this blanket or do we have the authority to keep it private to our club Member data is only shared with RI if the RI integration feature is turned on for your club. Even so, you have the ability to restrict what gets integrated through the privacy settings on your profile. You can learn more here: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/what-is-the-member-profile-and-how-do-i-edit-it
196 I would like to be in the Champions group-I am an administrator on
Rotary Club of Dapto & Rotary District 9675
We’re glad you want to participate! Please do sign up as a beta tester and we will be sure to reach out: https://site.clubrunner.ca/Form/clubrunner-champion
197 What about developing a specific area for Youth Exchange- it would help to have a platform that all Clubs and Districts could work together on We’d love to learn more about how we can help you with managing Youth Exchange. Please contact us at support@clubrunner.ca
198 Is the roll out per club or per club member (abrupt verses parallel roll out)? It will be club wide.
199 Is clubrunner meeting the challenge of GDPR. This is a challenge for programs that have an international component. Yes, ClubRunner is GDPR compliant. To learn more: https://site.clubrunner.ca/Page/data-processing-agreement
200 Please publish changeover training schedule and dates ASAP We will post the schedule here: https://site.clubrunner.ca/page/changeover-training
201 I found learning Clubrunner to be very frustrating, not because of a lack of training or resources but because of too much information and a lack of a coordinated indexed training ‘manual.’ It’s been like trying to find information in a library without a catalogue system. Will this be tackled with the new system? We have been working on our support site to better categorize articles. You can view all the resources available at www.clubrunnersupport.com, broken down by modules.
202 In the next invitations- can you advise that the session will be recorded and provided to registered attendees - hopefully this will eliminate or at least reduce this question Sure will, thank you!
203 Has RI asked for Clubrunner to develop a YE area for sharing information, applications, etc between districts? We’d love to learn more about the needs for YE programs and how we may incorporate this into Nova, as well as explore any integrations needed with RI. Please do email us at support@clubrunner.ca with your feedback on what you may like to see.
204 Also, in the next invitations can you remind attendees to use Q&A to ask questions and not Chat. Sure will, thank you!
205 Can you send contact info to us? You can contact our team through www.clubrunnersupport.com or support@clubrunner.ca.
206 Should we be working on cleansing some of our old/obsolete date BEFORE the transition to Nova, to keep the data integration clean? It is not necessary to do so, but it always a good practice to clean up old or obsolete data on a regular basis. Let us know if you need assistance or guidance on that.
  1. Will ClubRunner integrate automated translations for members or allow members to view the website in their own language?
  2. When will ClubRunner integrate payment gateways in different countries?
We offer multiple language packs that you can add to your website! To learn more, please do contact our team at support@clubrunner.ca. Regarding payment gateways, yes, we are expanding to include merchant accounts such as Stripe which has more international support.
208 I love that CR is being run by 2 smart women! Happy Women in Science Day 2024! 🙂 Thank you so much!
209 Are you sharing this for access to Rotary International website…or…is this for our individual Rotary Club websites? All the updates we showed today are for clubs and districts using ClubRunner.
210 Will we have the ability to track volunteer criminal background checks? We will be reviewing this as being able to capture more information about your members and prospects, for your own club or district is part of our goal with Nova.
211 Will we be able to receive emails? No, ClubRunner is not planning any email mailbox capability. However, if you are worried about replies to our outbound emails from ClubRunner, you can specify the “Reply-To” email address.
212 will you have voice input especially for entries like stories and newsletter/bulletins Thank you for the suggestion, we will definitely review this.
213 Can we pull in email addresses from our computer that are not listed in the club directory? Such as to cc a speaker with emails that mention or involve set up for their presentation?...PJ Yes, you will be able to add individual email address on an ad hoc (cc:) basis whenever sending an email.
214 Please keep the current fee in place for the Cloud events as you have for EventRunner - easy to incorporate for budget needs. Thank you for your feedback. If you have any questions on pricing, please email us at support@clubrunner.ca and we’d be happy to clarify!
215 So we don't have to change our web or bulletin layout - it is more about the technology, and how we might access the pages - right? You won’t need to change your web or bulletin layout. The initial release will have improved navigation and some new features (as well as the technology in the background) so there will be some exciting changes to look forward to!
216 What about the document section? Will we be able to modify documents once they’re on the website? You are able to overwrite files and names today! However if you are referring to being able to live edit the content of documents like Google Docs, this is not something on our roadmap for now.
217 Will we still have to use widgets for bulletins? Yes, but please do submit your feedback for what you would like to see change to support@clubrunner.ca.
218 You should be able to "add" a document while in the story or another section versus going back and forth. Thank you for the feedback! We will review this!
219 Belize is difficult to get out of country donations without expensive bank charges. Can we work with your system for donations As long as one of our supported merchant gateways is supported in Belize, you should be able to!
220 Will Club Goals (that we create in RI currently) be visible on the club level so all members have visibility? At the moment, this is not available from RI for us to read and display but we will explore this option with them in the near future!
221 Will the new mobile app allow us to see where nearby clubs are and their meeting day/time/location? Thank you for the feedback! We will review this!
222 Are you integrating your billing system with Sage Accounting? We offer an export file that can be imported into any accounting software.
We are looking into more options for the billing system and integrations with accounting software.
223 Will we be able to create corporate and family membership types? Adding and managing more membership types is part of our goal for Nova. If you need more membership types, please contact our support team at support@clubrunner.ca.
224 Can there be a feature in the email something to the effect of are you sure you want to email to the whole district to help reduce misdirected emails Thank you for the feedback! We will review this!
225 Our club and district would like to use a wordpress for our website. Does clubrunner plan to offer a wordpress plugin, or a way to display clubrunner data on a club or district wordpress website? Yes, we are reviewing this as an option to offer our customers. As this is still in a research phase for us, once we have more updates, we will share on our community site.
226 I just downloaded the app and it won't log me in with my current details. Do I have to set up a new login format for the app? No, the mobile app uses the same login credentials you use to login to ClubRunner on your computer.
227 Are you upgrading the volunteer module? The prior version was pretty limited, particularly in the reports available. We would love to hear what you would like to see in the Volunteers module if you can email support@clubrunner.ca with your feedback.
228 Will the volunteer module be available on a District site This is something we are reviewing.
229 Will Nova be available by mobile App? We will continue to update the app with more features.
230 Please answer if we can IMPORT info from Quick Books? You cannot import financial information into ClubRunner but are able to export the financial transactions so that you can import into Quickbooks.
231 We'd love Venmo Thank you for the feedback, we will keep this in mind.
232 How about direct credit to our club's account? We would love to get some more clarification for this question and will have a member reach out to discuss this further.
233 What about account2account as a payment Thank you for the feedback, we will keep this in mind.
234 QuickBooks Online Integration? Thank you for the feedback, this is something we have been looking into. While we do not have immediate plans on a direct integration with Quickooks, we will continue to update our community as plans change.
235 Square would be great Thank you for the feedback, we will keep this in mind.
236 Like a QR code or BPay we call it in Australia. Thank you for the feedback, we will keep this in mind.
237 Is the billing side of clubrunner being improved to be easier to initiate a billing, validating payments and follow-up (2nd billings)? Yes, the billing side will see a lot of improvements, especially with regard to managing dues.
238 We currently use Square as payment for donations or tickets. Would love to have square be available on the new system. Thank you for the feedback, we will keep this in mind.
239 you mentioned segmentation - how customizable are those fields. We are improving the segmentation capability in Nova, so stay tuned!
240 Have you ever considered partnering with CanadaHelps for the the donation functionality? Maybe CAF America in the USA and CAF UK empowering cross-border and international philanthropy. So many funders and social enterprises have no idea about Rotary as a fundraising and granting organization. Thank you for the feedback. The purpose behind us offering a donations module is to allow clubs to collect funds for any initiative they would like to support. We would recommend reaching out to Rotary International with this feedback on Rotary and other organizations partnering together to create a larger impact.
241 On selecting a payment provider in an event setup, will you be able to support more than one payment account (in the same provider)? The issue I am addressing is the card providers have different fee structures depending on the activity. For donations to NP accounts, the card providers have MUCH lower, or zero fees. This really helps the net value retained. Yes, you are able to set up a different payment and bank account for events setup with Cloud Events and Donation Campaigns.
242 Will the new payment module allow a member to sign-up for 'automatic' payment via a credit card when a dues invoice is created? This is on our roadmap and we are working on it actively!
243 Is the mobile app being redesigned as part of Nova with more features, or will it stay the same (mostly a member directory)? We are making improvements to the mobile app regularly. Our latest update allows you to edit your profile directly from the app itself. Over time, you will continue to see more self-serve options.
244 Can we create a report to see which members have downloaded the app? Thank you for the suggestion, we will review this.
245 Thanks you guys! Great job, love the open communication !! Thank you for joining us! We’re excited about what’s coming!
246 Will you do a followup session like this - very helpful. Thanks for all you do -- we appreciate you so very much Sarah, Halle and Zach - you all Rock We sure will, stay tuned for more webinars!
247 Most members don't interact at all presently. There's no interest, and no reason. It will only happen if CR became a channel for club "chat" and communication with each other and with all members IMHO Increasing member engagement is a key pillar for Nova, and we are always looking into ways to make it easier to use and keep members engaged!
248 I did not know we could send notifications through the app. But see I had notifications disabled. Is that the default? The notifications can be composed by anybody with an access level of 50 or lower. The following article goes over how to compose notifications: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/how-do-i-send-a-broadcast-message-with-notifications
All members with the app downloaded must have their phone settings set to enable notifications. When you first download the ClubRunner app, you see a notification to enable notifications, simply click on Yes. If you miss this during the app install, you can change this from your phone settings.
249 A comment was made about AG information - it would be nice if the Area Number / Name would appear when we download club information, Presidents for the Directory, etc. Also, when the AGs are loaded to the Directories, their Assigned Clubs might show. Let me know if I can review more and provide more details. Thank you for the feedback. We invite you to reach out to our support team at support@clubrunner.ca with more details on this feature so that we can review this.
250 Our club is about to purchase a website with Clubrunner, should we join Beta Group for Nova or start out with the current version That’s great to hear, we’re excited to welcome you on board! We recommend starting now and consider joining the beta group.
251 Is it possible to integrate Rotary Club Locator type functionality? Yes, we will take this away as feedback to see if we can offer it as a built-in feature but you are able to add a feed to your website as well.
252 When should we alert clubs from the district? We will communicate over the course of this year and advise at least several months in advance of any future milestone dates.
253 In Billing, can a second email address be added? Some members want their invoices sent elsewhere You are able to set up a preferred email address for the Dues and Billing module to send invoices and statements to. To learn more, refer to this help article: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/how-do-i-specify-a-preferred-email-address-for-dues-billing
254 We are a small club..just 25 members.. hardly use Clubrunner.. If you had a simple accounting system built in that would be great… Thank you for your feedback. We do plan to enhance the billing module, but can’t say we will be a full-fledged accounting system due to varying accounting principles around the world. However, we will be able to handle much of the billing and payments processes your club needs and provide the reporting you need to manage your accounting.
255 Would be great if CR had a 'chat' function much like Slack Thank you for the feedback!
256 Will this new platform allow us to create fundraiser events, sell tickets to the public, sell sponsorships, and collect eCommerce funds? Currently our club has to use a 3rd party site through SquareSpace to run our events. Yes, Cloud Events would be great to sell tickets and sponsorships. To learn more, refer to this help article: https://www.clubrunnersupport.com/kb/articles/what-is-cloud-events
257 Can the membership form be online or at least a pdf you can fill in? The membership form in the Membership Success module is a digital form that can be completed online.
258 When will this launch? Launching late 2024
259 Can anything be done to keep the sender of email from CR getting their email blacklisted by google's spam filters? It's a constant problem with anyone who sends email from CR, and drives us crazy I want to confirm that ClubRunner is not blacklisted by Google or the Gmail services. We currently have a 99.5% delivery rate to Gmail. I'll reach out from our team and see what we can do to investigate and help resolve the matter.
260 Zac, are there training videos on MyEventPlanner? Yes. You can find all of our training videos on our support site at www.clubrunnersupport.com
261 Can you eliminate the ClubRunner extension when the email comes in. It makes it hard to reply The purpose of the extension is to use ClubRunner’s domain authority and high email delivery success rates to ensure your email is delivered. When you click on reply, the extension should drop automatically. If this is not happening, please reach out to our support team at support@clubrunner.ca.
262 As a district officer will the club members for each club in the district still be visible on the mobile app and still be available. Yes, you will still be able to search for members in the app.