Introducing the smarter way to nurture and engage your prospective members.

Improve your member recruitment efforts by easily tracking all your prospective members inside the Membership Success module.

Make it easy to inquire about membership

Digitize your recruitment process. Attract prospects and member referrals through your website with a built-in form that allows you to collect all the information you need to know.

Membership Form

Engage your prospects

Personalize your drip campaign with your own unique messaging from the first point of contact right through until they become a member. Stay top of mind and continue to build your relationship with your prospective members by keeping them engaged. Monitor interest levels and track where they are in your recruiting funnel at all times.

Better engage your members and gain insight

Tap into metrics to gain insight into your club demographics and membership growth and measure engagement levels by tracking the information that you value most such as interest levels, prospect status, areas of interest and more. With all the information at your fingertips, planning your recruitment strategies with targeted emails to those who need further nurturing as opposed to active prospects is a breeze.

Easily convert to members

Convert prospects to members with a click of a button and then simply let the system send a welcome email to your newest member. That's the power of an integrated system!

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