Rotary International Press Release - RI Integration

Rotary International's new OneRotary database integration initiative allows Rotary clubs and districts to link their databases directly to the master membership database maintained at RI World Headquarters.

OneRotary is now available to clubs and districts using ClubRunner, the first company to offer this integration feature to its customers. ClubRunner has worked closely with RI to establish technical guidelines, and several other database providers anticipate offering the OneRotary integration feature in the coming months. Clubs should contact their provider for more details.

Membership Database Integration Now Available for Rotary Clubs and Districts

OneRotary aims to simplify how Rotary clubs and districts communicate with RI and to improve the quality of information used to support them. For example, when a club member's contact information is updated in a club's database, the information is automatically updated in RI's database as well. This integration eliminates duplicate data entry efforts and gives Rotary clubs more accurate semiannual reports.

Participation is voluntary. Clubs and districts retain their autonomy and may opt in or out of OneRotary at any time. For security and privacy reasons, a club can only view and update its own member information.

If your database provider is not offering the OneRotary integration, RI can help clubs and districts determine next steps.

For more information, please call 866-976-8279 or e-mail