Service Updates Jan 2006 to Nov 1 2010
We are constantly working on improving the ClubRunner service thanks to user feedback. Below you will find information about product updates and enhancements. These changes will reflect immediately on your site, and usually do not require any actions on your part, unless otherwise indicated.
For any questions or feedback regarding these updates, please email or call 1-877-469-2582.
Rotary International Database Integration Launched
November 1 2010
The highly anticipated database integration project with Rotary International went live today for ClubRunner subscribers. Before today, all member updates had to be sent to Rotary International’s Data Services division via email notifications, resulting in countless hours of manual data entry. With this new automated synchronization feature, when a member profile is updated with new contact information, that change would automatically be incorporated into RI’s database within two hours, eliminating the need for clubs to formally notify RI or make the change manually through Member Access. For more information, including the official RI press release and help documentation, visit the Integration Help Center at
Feature Update: Barcode Scanner Module 2.0 (Beta)
August 17 2010
Now available as a beta release is the ClubRunner 2.0 upgrade to the Attendance Manager's Barcode Scanner add-on. This has now been revamped to increase compatibility with all Operating Systems. Now available as web-based software, there are no limitations regarding uploading your club's attendance records from anywhere you are! Simply login to your club's administration page and access this feature, located under "Organization" on your menu bar.
Each member's badge number is now stored in the member profile, rather than locally on the barcode software, which makes for quick and easy retrieval of information. Now being more centralized, this upgrade of the Barcode Scanner Module allows multiple club executives to print member labels through the club's website and upload multiple barcode files for each meeting, which is great for clubs with multiple scanners. The add-on feature is available to members with Club Executive (50) levels or better.
NEW: Detailed Attendance Report in District Version
July 20 2010
Now available is a report that shows a more detailed snapshot of all the club's attendance figures year-to-date. Searchable by month, this report will provide information about the attendance percentages by club for the previous year, the current year and the current month. It will also show the ranking of each club's attendance figures against each other, both by month and year. In addition, Club and District Executives are able to see the membership count and the beginning and end of the month, the number of members added or that have left the club, the percentage for that month and to date.
For more information or to comment about this new report, please contact
Version 2.0 Website Designer Now Available
June 30 2010
You've been waiting patiently for this, and it's finally here, ClubRunner 2.0 is now available on your live site. You can now migrate your website to the new Website Designer 2.0 template at the press of a button. If you have been building your new site layout under Beta, you can now publish your new site by clicking on "Switch to New Version" under the main page of Website Designer. If you haven't yet played with Website Designer, you can get started now in 4 easy steps. Simply login to your site, click on Website Designer 2.0, and follow the 4 easy steps to design your layout, decide on the widgets to display, customize your banner, and select your preferred theme. Once you have previewed your new site and are happy with it, click on "Switch to New Version" to publish the new page. All your existing content in stories, news, events and even site pages will seamlessly transition to your new template. Get started today and start the year with a complete website makeover!
Along with a brand new website, your switch to ClubRunner 2.0 will move your club entirely to the new version of the administration section. An intuitive ribbon menu navigation makes it easier to access all the modules you need within 2 clicks. However, you can still find your familiar Admin page under the first tab.
ClubRunner 2.0 brings many exciting upgrades and enhancements to the features you are used to, including easier uploading of YouTube videos, an improved HTML editor that is compatible with many more browsers, a shared image library that makes posting commonly used graphics much easier, a multiple file upload capability on the photo albums, folder structures within the Documents Download section, and more.
ClubRunner 2.0 is now also fully multilingual, and is available now in French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and German to name a few. To get your preferred language translated, contact us regarding our global translation project and find out how your club can participate.
New in MyEventRunner: Event Email Service
June 3 2010
Now event chairs are able to email their attendees.
Specify your target audience based on:
  • Attendee Groups (Paid, Unpaid or All Attendees)
  • Packages selected
  • Add-ons purchased
To make it easy and save you time, all custom distribution lists that are created in ClubRunner are automatically imported for you.
Check out this new feature or contact a member of the ClubRunner team for more information.
Update: Dues & Billing Module Added Features
May 13 2010
The Dues & Billing Module now gives club treasurers additional flexibility to specify more details about the payment terms and conditions, and due date for payments. Also, when posting a payment, specify your own transaction date (to accommodate previously received payments) instead of defaulting to the date the information is entered. This will provide more insight for when payments are received.
New Module! Member Designations
May 8 2010
Now out of Beta, the Member Designations feature is officially released for the District and Club versions. This module allows you to create and track a customizable list of designations for all members, such as accomplishments, awards and past positions. In addition, comments can be added for each assignment of a designation, for instance identifying the year that the award was presented, or the number of times this award was granted. Various reports allow you to print lists of all members holding a particular designation, or a member specific report showing all their designations. In addition, an export to CSV feature allows you to quickly and easily download the list of members and their contact information to Excel. Emailing all members holding a particular designation is also one click away, which automatically creates an email within the Email Message Center containing the members within a distribution list.
New for MyEventRunner! Event Registration Payments Report
April 15 2010
Now event administrators are able to search confirmed member registration records for a specified event by the following parameters:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Registration number
Also you are able to filter the search results by either the all, paid or unpaid payment status. The results of this generated report can be exported into an Excel or PDF file. Lastly, you have the ability to send a reminder notice to all unpaid members from this screen to make following up with registrants quick and easy.
NEW! Payment Installment Option in MyEventRunner
March 10 2010
Event chairs now have the option to create a payment installment plan that is based on the individual registration total. This is different from the default payment schedule that is based on the ticket price only since there is now an option to determine the total amount due and payable upon registering for an event.
If a you would like to activate this option, please contact us at
MyEventRunner Update: Payment Installments
March 10 2010
Ticket prices are still based on registration date, but now there is an option to allow for an initial (payment) installment based on the time range that the registrant registers (i.e. early bird or limited time pricing). Subsequent payment installments are determined by the payment schedule set out by the event chair.
NEW! MyEventRunner: Printer Friendly Registration Details
February 18 2010
Now available is a "Print" button at the top right hand side of the on the registration details page for each individual event registrant. All the information will display in printer-friendly format and will include all the chosen items, payments made and outstanding balances for the registrant.
Updated Feature: District Org Chart by Year
February 11 2010
The Organization Chart on the District system has been upgraded to the new platform. In addition to being able to sort the positions easily using the up and down arrows, this chart is now completely independent by year, so you can make any changes to the positions and areas ahead of time. Organization charts can be set up in advance for an unlimited number of years, rather than just the current and next year. Committees are now easily accessed from this chart, and are available for every position, including officers.
New Feature: District AG Module
February 11 2010
As part of the updated Organization Chart, there is now a new module specifically for Assistant Governors. Accessible by clicking on the "View AG Details" link under the Areas/Assistant Governors section, AGs can now view and edit their own clubs' executives, club information pages, create and manage their committees (with full committee module functionality), access club growth reports, and use a tailored email message service that can be used to email members, executives and directors of their own clubs only, as well as District officers. AGs automatically get access to this module by virtue of being assigned an AG of their area, and all District officers can access these modules by default.
Updated Feature: Dues and Billing - Payment Tracking, Account Statements & Online Payment
January 14 2010
We've recently updated the Dues and Billing module to allow clubs to track payments and debit/credit adjustments. This allows you to now generate Account Statements and Outstanding Balances for each member, which you can email to all or selected members. Members can also login to view their personalized billing account statement and check their balance in real time. This would display all invoices (with links to view/print the detailed invoice), as well as all payments and debits and credits that were made against their account.
New! Online Payment is now enabled on the Club Dues & Billing module. Contact us to inquire about setting up a merchant account for your club.
New Report: Committees Module - Member Committees by Year
January 14 2010
A new report has been added to both Club and District committee modules (Basic and Enhanced versions): Report by Member, Committee or Year. This report allows you to generate listings of members by year or committee or both. In addition, view a report of all committees a member belongs to.
To access this report, go to your Administration page, click on Committees Management, then Member Committees under Reports.
Updated Module: District Club Positions
January 14 2010
This update affects the District version only. A new feature is available to define and change the Positions for all Club Executives and Directors. As each club edits their list, they are able to link to a related district position. This is what populates the district mailing lists and directories. You can now view the positions, see which members are in each group, and be able to export to Excel all member data for a particular position.
To access this feature, go to "Define Current and Next Year Executives" under "District, Clubs & Membership", then click on "Define Club Positions" at the top left of the screen.
New Feature: Email Bounce Back Reports
December 18 2009
You asked and we listened! Now you are able to monitor whether or not your email messages were received with the recently released email bounce back report feature!
Anyone who sends out an email will receive a Delivery Status Notification email, which will show the sender, the date the email was sent, the number of emails undelivered and the list of members who didn't receive the email, including their full name and email address. Please note that this report is generated and emailed to the sender automatically a few hours after the email has been sent. Due to the nature of bounce backs, it may take a few hours before all undelivered messages are logged. As a result, you will get updated reports as the list of undeliverable messages increase.
Note that you have to use the newer version of the Email Message Service and Send News Bulletin to see this feature. This is effective on both the club and district versions.
For more information about this feature update, please contact ClubRunner Support.
Updated: Quick Links for Member Lists
October 9 2009
We are pleased to announce that we have implemented an alphabetical quick search at the top of the Active, Inactive and Other Member lists as well as in your Member Profile. This updated feature will help you quickly locate a member in a large club roster rather than scrolling through numerous pages of data.
Custom Email Signatures
October 9 2009
You are now able to customize your email signature to include any information you would like on every outgoing message from the ClubRunner system. By default, every email sent out is set to include the member name and club. With this update, any current or prospective member to whom emails are sent will be able to save your information and contact you whenever required!
New Reporting Feature for Committees Module
October 9 2009
In efforts to further streamline information for easy, accessible and updated statuses of your club and district activities, we have implemented the option to generate reports to show a complete listing of all committees. Options to include subcommittees, committee description, and show members.
Product Update: MyEventRunner
September 28 2009
To improve the easy flow of event registrations, we have now updated MyEventRunner to reflect the following changes:
  • Multilingual back-end to support multiple languages
  • Disable packages that have no registrations
  • Badge number is no longer a required field for registration
New! You can now edit event registration details, which allows the event chair to access the registration form and make changes or complete payment.
Updated: Dues & Billing
September 28 2009
Due to popular demand, the Dues and Billing Module for club sites now displays the member's preferred address in the invoice, rather than the home address, as previously defined. This information is extracted from the tabbed member profile.
District-Defined Club Positions
September 28 2009
To further streamline your district communications, ClubRunner has added new club leadership positions in database for your district site. You are now also able to edit titles, executive and directors and execode. In addition, we have added a page that displays a list of all members/club titles that are assigned to any given district-defined club position for your easy reference.
Feature Update: Event Planner
September 25 2009
You asked and we listened! The newly updated Event Planner feature now gives you the ability to decline attendance to an event, add comments to each registrant and select multiple members to attend or decline an event at once. If you have an access level of Club Editor or greater, once you login to your site and select desired event, you can view all club members who received an invitation to that event and manage your registration list.
NEW! Active Member Update Request
September 17 2009
This feature allows you to review how recently your members' profiles were updated, and by whom. Send out an email to each member displaying their current profile details and request an update if required. A link within the email takes them to a password page and then directs them instantly to their profile. Must have an access level of Club Executive (level 50) or greater in order to access this feature. Click here to read more about this feature.
Feature Update: Customized Attendance Report
August 11 2009
The customized attendance report now contains default data in the date range fields. These have been set to 3 months prior to today's date. In addition, a date range maximum limit of 6 months has been imposed to increase database performance. Please note however that you will still be able to access data prior to 6 months old, so long as the range does not exceed 6 months.
NEW! Tabbed Member Profile
July 28 2009
A new version of the member profile is now available to preview in Beta mode. In this dynamic new profile page, member information is organized and separated into 5 tabs: Personal, Rotary, Biography, Commitments and Settings. In addition, a member can update their photo and password within this page, track the last updated date, and download a printable version of a profile. Click here for more details.
Club Anniversary Added to Birthday Report
July 27 2009
The Club Anniversary has been added as a third category to the Birthday and Anniversary report. In this report, all members whose induction (or join date) that occurs within the given date range will be listed, along with number of years in the club. Note that the number of years is effective the day of induction this year.
Committees Module Available as a Free Trial
July 27 2009
A new module has been released on a trial basis for all subscribing clubs. This committee module allows each club's committees to have their own section of the site, with secured access to directories, documents and emails.
Unicode Conversion
June 9 2009
ClubRunner's databases are gradually being ported over to the Unicode character set, which means that every language in the world can be supported.
This should not impact your system if you do not use unusual characters in your database, however if you have previously inputted data and had it appear incorrectly, you may need to reenter this information to have it corrected. This includes any characters with accents.
New Access Levels for Club Sites
April 2 2009
Two new access levels have been added to the club sites: "Restricted Member - 80" and "No Access - 90". Restricted Member gives less access within the My ClubRunner section, specifically it has removed access from the Email Message Center, Printable Directory and Mailing Labels, and View Club Directory. The Photo Directory however is available.
No Access removes all access to the functions within the Admin page, however this member can still login for purposes of registering online for events and volunteer tasks.
Club Event Module Enhanced
March 9 2009
The club event registration module has been upgraded with some useful enhancements:
  • There are two options to register now, Attend or Decline the invitation. Event chairs can view a status report of all members that have indicated positively, negatively, and unresponded.
  • Registrants can now write comments to go along with their registration, which can be used for collecting information such as meal choices, opinions, regrets, etc.
  • Registrants can now view the listing of who else is registered at the time of registration.
The confirmation email now contains an attachment which will download the event to the member's own personal Outlook calendar.
District Email Program Revamped
February 9 2009
The District Broadcast message service has been revamped using a much more intuitive user interface. In addition to an enhanced editor, an auto-cleanup feature has been added, and the attachment size maximum has been increased to 3 MB. The Recipients List selection is now integrated into the same screen as the rest of the message, with the addition of the Next Year organization chart and club executives.
RI Reporting on Club Sites (Beta)
December 17 2008 
All member data changes made through the club or district sites are tracked and can be sent to RI by the Site Administrator. These changes are: New Member Additions, Member Terminations, Member Change of Address, and Member Change of Name. 
New Email System on Club Site (Beta)
December 17 2008 
A brand new email system has been released on the club sites under Beta release. This new program is more reliable as it does not require you to wait while messages are sent. Further, HTML support is now available for formatting your email message, including adding pictures (although these must be uploaded on a website first). The user interface has also been improved to be more intuitive, will all functions available on one screen. Attachments limit has been increased to 3 MB. 
Revamped District Bulletin Feature (Beta)
December 17 2008 
This existing feature to broadcast the bulletin or any email to all members of the District has been revamped. A better user interface, HTML support, including pictures (must be uploaded on a website first), and more reliable linking mechanism can be expected. 
Executives and Directors module improved
December 17 2008 
The executives and directors module has been improved by no longer sharing all positions across a District. Each club can define their own positions, and link the position to a District Related position. This will allow the District to continue targeting members based on title, while allowing the club to maintain and customize its executive positions and sequencing. 
ClubRunner Service Major Infrastructure Upgrade
November 23 2008 
To keep up with the dramatic increase of subscribers over the past year, the ClubRunner servers have been been upgraded to a much larger and faster infrastructure. The response time of websites as well as the sending and receiving of emails sent through ClubRunner has now dramatically improved. 
Member Designation Module Released under Beta
November 14 2008 
Released for the District site, this feature allows you to track a customizable list of designations for all members, such as accomplishments, awards and past positions. Various reports allow you to print lists of all members holding a particular designation, or a member specific report showing all their designations. Plans to release this module for the club site are in place, with all data shared. 
Online Newsletter Subscriber List
October 31 2008 
A new feature has been added to the Admin page to manage and view visitors who have signed up to receive your club bulletin. Access this through the "Online Newsletter Signups" link in the Membership Manager section. Want to receive more subscribers? Although the link to sign up appears automatically on the home page, highlight this feature by adding a story or news item on your website and bulletin linking to the sign up page.
Totals in Member Lists
October 28 2008 
The member totals count has been updated to include the breakdowns by type. This is available at the bottom of the Active Members List as well as the Other Users List. Included for convenience is also the exempted member count.
RI Reporting for Clubs
October 17 2008 
Access to the RI Reporting feature is now available to club executives through the District site. This feature is exactly the same as the District RI Reporting, but it will allow the clubs to send their notifications directly. Once a club has notified RI of their changes, these notices disappear from the District's list.
Search eDirectory - Enhancement
October 17 2008 
The District Search eDirectory feature has been enhanced to include an expandable member result. By clicking on the member name you will now be able to view more complete contact information, including home and business address, home, cell and fax numbers.
New Report: Member Anniversaries
October 8 2008 
Accessible to Club Editors (Level 60 or better), this report allows you to specify a specific month and day range such as Jan 1 to March 31, and returns all member anniversaries within that range (without displaying the year) along with their spouse name. This report queries Regular Active and Honorary members. Update: This report has been combined with the Birthday report and can be accessed via the "Birthdays & Anniversary Report" link on the Admin page.
New Feature: Dues & Billing
September 26 2008 
Accessible to Club Executives (Level 50 or better), this new feature (released under Beta) allows you to create and email invoices for dues and other expenses to members. Watch for more enhancements coming soon.
New Report: Member Birthdays
September 26 2008 
Accessible to Club Editors (Level 60 or better), this report allows you to specify a specific month and day range such as Jan 1 to March 31, and returns all member birthdays within that range (without displaying the year). This report queries Regular Active and Honorary members.
Club Bulletin Colour Schemes Reinstated
September 19 2008 
In relation to the previous update, the colour schemes have now been reinstated on the eBulletin while still supporting Outlook 2007's reduced functionality. You should be able to see your colour scheme reflected automatically.
Club Bulletin Display in Outlook Issue Resolved
September 9 2008 
Due to Outlook 2007's reduced support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), many ClubRunner users received their bulletins in an unformatted manner, specifically with the background colours, fonts and sizes, which made them difficult to read and aesthetically unpleasing. We have removed the stylesheet component from the eBulletins to eliminate this problem. This does however mean that your selected stylesheet will not be reflected in your bulletin, and instead the standard blue and gold theme has been applied.
Club Information Pages on District Site
August 29 2008 
New club information pages have been added to the District website. These pages are linked from the Club Directory listing on the home page, and list all meeting and executives/directors information for a club in one place. Note that further contact details are available if viewing this page after logging into the site.
Bulletin Sequencing Restored to Ascending Order
August 14 2008 
The update from August 7 to reverse the sequencing of bulletin articles and home page stories has been rolled back for bulletin articles. However, home pages stories continue to be displayed in reverse order by Sequence ID. We apologize for any inconvenience this change may have caused.
Upgrade: HTML Editors for District Email Message Service, News Bulletin and Event Description
August 11 2008 
This feature upgrade integrates an enhanced WYSIWYG HTML editor into the District Email Message Center as well as the News Bulletin sender, and Event Description, which will allow the formatting of emails over and beyond plain text. If you encounter difficulties, or prefer the older editor, a switch is available at the top of the Email screen. 
New Feature: RI Reporting Now Released on District Sites
August 8 2008 
This long awaited system upgrade is now available through the District site. All member changes are now tracked and can be sent to Rotary International by the Site Administrator. These changes are: New Member Additions, Member Terminations, Member Change of Address, and Member Change of Name. Although the reporting is made through the District website, it will also track all changes made by clubs via their own club site or the district site. 
New Feature: Search Member eDirectory on District Sites
August 8 2008 
This new feature allows members of the District to search the member database by club, first name, last name, email and classification. Requires login. 
Story and Bulletin Sequencing Changed on Club Site
August 7 2008 
The sequencing of stories on the home page has been reversed to display in descending order of sequence ID's. New stories added now will automatically appear at the top of the page. Similarly, the bulletin articles have been reversed to show from highest to lowest ID. 
Edit Custom Fields Issue Resolved
July 25 2008 
The issue regarding the custom fields page on the club site has now been resolved. Previously, clicking on Edit within the profile page caused any changes made to the basic profile to be lost. There is now a confirmation screen that will ask you whether or not you wish to save the changes made to your basic profile before proceeding on to the custom fields page. 
Active & Honorary Members in Email Message Center
July 23 2008 
The default distribution lists on the club email message center have been adjusted to correspond with the new organization of Active, Inactive, and Other member types. Now the Active and Honorary members are both in the same category, and inactive members are separated out from the other member types, making it easier to select the relevant recipients for a message. 
My Attendance Report
July 18 2008 
A new report is now available to all members through the club site, allowing them to view their own attendance data. This report contains a toggle between the Current and Previous Year. This report is the first of a new series of reports that allows you to export the data in XML, Excel, CSV, TIFF, PDF, web archive formats. Watch out for more reports in this format in the near future. 
Active/Inactive Members
July 18 2008 
The organization of where you can find active and inactive members has been changed on the Administration page. Now the Active Members List will display both Honorary and Active member types. To edit profiles for inactive members, click on the Inactive Members List link. You can continue to find other user types under the Other Users List. 
Reason for Termination now logged
July 18 2008 
When you mark a member as an ex-member, there is now a way to log the reason for termination. This has been done to prepare for the RI reporting feature due to be released shortly. 
New eDirectory Reports and Club Upgrades
Jun 2 2008 
We have been busy working on many new upgrades and features, and these will be released gradually as they are completed. One of these features is a new version of the ClubRunner District eDirectory, and this will be revealed this week at the International Convention. Clubs will also begin seeing new reports appearing on sites this summer. 
Update on Beta 2.0
Jun 2 2008 
Version 2.0 is nearing completion, and will introduce big improvements in many of our modules. Written in the Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework, ClubRunner users will begin seeing these new features within the existing sites as early as late summer, early fall. Stay posted for more details on this exciting development.
Online Newsletter Signup
Sep 24 2007 
A new feature has been added to all club sites: online newsletter signups. Visitors to a club site can sign up their email address to the eBulletin through a form on the home page. When sending your eBulletin, you can choose to send to this group by checking "Online Newsletter Subscribers" in the Select Recipients page.
District Email Recipient Page Improved
Aug 28 2007 
The Select Recipients page on the District email system has been improved to allow expansion of each of the different groups for a more detailed selection. Expansion of club positions will show all clubs grouped by area, for example the Presidents group will display the Presidents' names by area then club.
Member Update Reports Added to District Site
Jun 25 2007 
Three new reports have been added to the District Site: Newly Added Members, Recently Terminated and Modified. These reports will allow you to enter a date range and a report will be generated of all member records updated during that time.
Publisher File Types Available
Jun 7 2007 
Publisher file types (.pub) are now uploadable on the Download Files section of the website.
Club Editor Link Now Private
May 31 2007 
The Editor name on the club eBulletin now links to a form to allow the general public to make submissions and feedback directly through the site. The emailed copy will continue to link directly to the editor's email address.
Login Request Email Redirected
Apr 17 2007 
The Forgot Password feature for members will now reference the Website Contact for help in recovering a password if a match is not found. The Website Contact can be set through the Edit Club Info & Settings page by the Site Administrator.
Limited Access to Club Rights on District Site
Feb 14 2007 
The Club Access field has been removed from the member profile when accessed through the District site. This field affects the user's rights on their club site and as such has been removed to limit confusion. If you are a District site administrator that still needs to update club access rights for members, please contact to have the ability to continue making these changes.
Photo Directory Added Fields
Jan 16 2007 
The Photo directory page has been improved to include additional fields: Classification and Cell Number.
Multi Day Events
Jan 8 2007 
The Events system has been improved to allow for multi day events. In addition to Start Date and Start Time, you can now optionally enter an End Date and End Time. This range would be displayed instead of just a simple date on all pages and emails, and the event will remain on the homepage until the end date has passed.
District Download Member Data
Dec 22 2006 
The Download Member Data feature on the District site has been improved to allow for selection of specific member types prior to generating the report. This will allow Districts to be able to see a report of ex-members, honorary members, staff, etc. at any time.
Monthly Club Attendance Report
Dec 21 2006 
This new report is available on the club version and will display all the attendance totals on a monthly basis. YTD Gain/loss of members as well as month to month changes are also shown, giving a good overview of how the club is doing in terms of membership numbers.
New Label Format for Nametags
Dec 13 2006 
By popular demand, a new label format has been added to the nametag generator on the Event Planner. Named 'Sticker Labels', these will print on a 5 X 2 Avery Shipping label sheet to use instead of the standard sleeved nametag format.
Meeting Schedule Override
Dec 12 2006 
For clubs whose meetings do not occur every week at a predetermined time, you now have the option to override this setting and enter in your own special meeting schedule. This displays on both the district site under "Where Clubs Meet" and your club homepage. To change your meeting frequency on your club site, click on "Edit Club Info & Settings". For clubs whose districts are online, you can login to the district site, and click on "Club Information Page" to access your club details.
District Printable Photo Directory
Nov 24 2006 
A new directory has been added to the auto-generated directories on the district site, entitled "District Organization Chart & Presidents (Photo)". This visual organization chart includes all members contact info along with their photo for the district executive as well as club presidents.
To access this directory, login to your district site, click on "District Directory" then Generate. Once the page has refreshed you will be able to download a Word file by clicking on the "Word" button.
Volunteer Contact Report
Nov 23 2006 
A new report has been added to the Event Planner's Tasks & Volunteer Management module. Entitled the "Volunteer Contact" report, this report will show the contact information for all volunteers working within a particular event.
To access this report, login to your club or district site, click on Events Services, then Tasks & Volunteers Management. Scroll to the bottom of your page, then click on the "Volunteer Contact" button. You can also access a Printable version of this report through the link at the top of the report page.
New ieSpellCheck & Clean MS Word HTML Feature
Nov 16 2006 
We have added two new valuable editing tools to the new XP Editor, ieSpellCheck & Clean MS Word HTML.
The ieSpellCheck is supported on Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. When using it for the first time, you will be prompted to install ieSpell which is a free browser add-on.
The Clean MS Word HTML tool is recommended for use when copying and pasting contents from MS Word. This tool will eliminate most unnecessary tags when pasting from MS Word.
New Mailing Labels for Printable Club Directory
Nov 8 2006 
The Printable Club Directory has a new template which allows you to download and print mailing labels using members' home addresses. This template will automatically create an Avery Standard Label - #5159 with information formatted in 7 rows by 2 columns.
ClubRunner Network Upgrade
Oct 5 2006 
ClubRunner has recently completed its infrastructure upgrade to a faster network. The loading of websites as well as sending and receiving of email messages sent through the ClubRunner Email Message Service is now dramatically improved.
Note: You may experience some email bounce backs within the next 24 to 48 hours as the new IP addresses propagate throughout the Internet. 
Custom Distribution lists accessible through Event Email
Oct 3 2006 
When emailing the event invitation, the same custom lists that appear in the regular Email Message Center are now accessible. This will allow clubs to send event invitations to a sublist such as a particular committee only. 
New Feature: District Sponsorship Area
Sep 25 2006 
We have added a brand new feature to the District website: A Sponsorship area that displays ads on your website only. All ads appear on the right hand panel of all pages, and optionally on the home page. Ads can be images or text-based, and can link to a website. 
Be sure to go to Admin -> Website Sponsorship Guide to upload your own customized page that appears when visitors click on the "Interested?" link on the right. 
This is a great way to raise money for your Rotary District, or to show further appreciation to your existing sponsors. 
Site Page Character Limit Increased
Sep 1 2006 
The maximum character limit for Site Pages has now been increased to from 5,000 characters to 30,000 characters. 
Download Issue with Big Files Resolved
Aug 8 2006 
The Download feature for the printable club directory had an issue if files were of a very large size (for clubs of over 300 members). This has now been resolved and it should function properly. If you encounter any difficulties using the Download button within the directory or club documents section, please contact us at 
New XP Editor Integrated into ClubRunner Sites
Aug 2 2006 
A new editor has been added to handle compatibility issues with the existing enhanced editor. XP Editor is compatible with Mozilla/Firefox for PC, Mac and Linux, and Netscape 7. It has been integrated into the following pages: Stories, Bulletin Contents, and Site Pages for both club and district sites. 
Option to Block District Documents Available
Jul 13 2006 
Clubs now have the option to opt out of the District documents that show in the Download Files section of their website. To block documents from appearing, please send a request to and include your club name. 
Club Bulletin Send Recovery
Jul 5 2006 
The club bulletin broadcast functionality has been improved to track messages that have not been sent due to any interruption. While sending a broadcast message, should your connection fail for any reason, log back into the Admin page and you will see a status report of how many messages were sent. Click on "Resume" to continue sending or "Cancel" to abandon the broadcast. 
Photo Organization Chart Added to District Site
Jun 13 2006 
A new page has been added to the District site showing a photo representation of the organization chart. To upload photos for your officers and executives, login and click on "District Organization Chart". Click on "Photo" beside the person's name, then click Browse to locate the image file. Members who are logged in will be able to view officer's contact information on this page, while visitors can use the public email link to send a message. 
New Template Available
May 3 2006 
A new template has been added to the club website. This template, titled "Simple", displays much less information on the home page, and features a crisp and clean design. To switch templates, click on the "Edit Club Info & Settings" link under the Administrators section of your Admin page. 
Club ID Number Added to Directory Listing
April 24 2006 
The Club ID Number is now displayed on both the "Where Clubs Meet" and "Club Directory/Contact" pages of the District website. 
Events Available in Calendar Format
Apr 6 2006 
The Events page on the club website now displays upcoming events in an easy to read calendar format. You can switch between viewing upcoming events in this calendar format and the basic listing by clicking the link at the top of the page. 
Friends of the Club List
Apr 6 2006 
The Friends list (as managed by club executives) can be grouped by member or sorted by friend name. A unique validation was also added to prevent duplicate email addresses from being added to the database. 
New XP Editor Added to Club Site Page Stories
Mar 01 2006 
A new editor has been added to handle compatibility issues with the existing enhanced editor. XP Editor is compatible with Mozilla/Firefox for PC, Mac and Linux, and Netscape 7. To switch, click on your site page, then choose "Edit Stories" from the left hand menu. You will be able to switch editors at any time, and your preferences will be saved. 
Leave of Absence Facility in Attendance Manager
Feb 22 2006 
A new feature has been added that allows you to specify multiple periods of leaves of absence for a member. The meeting reports both for the member's YTD and club statistics will not be positively nor negatively affected by this member during these periods. 
Barcode Scanner Module available for Attendance Manager
Feb 17 2006 
Eliminate manual data entry completely by printing barcode labels for your member badges, then scanning them using a cordless reader. The software automatically updates your records on your website to keep all reports accurate and up to date. For more details, Click Here! 
Event Announcement Feature Modification
Jan 26 2006 
The event feature on the District site to "Send Announcement Emails" will now only send invitations out to those who are regular members. Other member types will no longer receive these messages. 
New Field Added to Photo Directory
Jan 16 2006 
The following has been added as a new field in the Photo Directory: