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Introducing ClubRunner's Volunteers Module 3.0!

Create, manage, and coordinate signup lists, schedules, tasks and more!

We're excited to introduce our newest Volunteers Module 3.0! Based on the feedback we received from our Champions, beta testing team and Early Access Participants, the all-new Volunteers module is a far more intuitive and completely new and revamped version of the one you loved in Version 1.0! Create detailed signup lists and further define groups, tasks and time slots. Even register both club members and the public to help with your events.
The Volunteers module gives you the ability to build your own signup lists for virtually any scenario where you need to coordinate people in various commitments organized by time, day, task or group. Great for event shifts, volunteers, committee signups or anything involving a schedule. No more tedious paper lists to pass around, or managing bookings yourself.

Basic vs. Enhanced Versions

We've already included the essential features into the Basic version, which is accessible via the Admin page, to help you with managing casual signups. Upgrade to the enhanced version to get the additional features and increased capacity needed for more active users. Request a free 7-day trial of the Enhanced Volunteers module to test-drive all its advanced features!
Feature  Basic Enhanced*
Create online signup lists associated with your events
Organize shifts or tasks into multiple groups
Invite members to volunteer by email
Allow members to view the list and signup online
Send email reminders in addition to automatic email confirmations
Track signups members' individual Commitments section
Create public signup lists to allow non-members to sign up  
Create standalone signup lists not associated with an event  
Associate more than one signup list to an event  
Create custom email templates and notifications  
Schedule follow-up emails to your volunteers  
Maximum number of signup lists 5 25
Maximum number of groups per signup list 10 25
Maximum number of tasks per group 10 25
Maximum number of people per task 10 25
Maximum number of volunteers in total 250 2500
Pricing Free (Included in Basic Subscription)
$99 (Annual)
For higher capacity needs, please contact us.
Contact us to order the Enhanced Volunteers Module with the name of your club so that we may install it for you. It will then be added to your renewal invoice.

Prefer to try before you buy? Request a free 7-day trial!
*Add-ons require an annual contract, however will be pro-rated with your ClubRunner subscription. Please consult your Subscription Agreement for more details.