Website Designer 2.0
Customize and Configure your Website with this New Module
Now available is the highly anticipated release of ClubRunner's major website makeover for Club & District Versions -- Website Designer 2.0.
Not only are the new designs fresh and modern, they are much more flexible, with multiple styles and templates, custom components and navigation menu, and much more!
With Website Designer, you are able to design and build up your site with just the most important information that will attract visitors and increase traffic to your site to boost your public image.
All ClubRunner websites generally come with a ClubRunner URL, which is along the lines of If you already have your own domain name, you can either activate URL forwarding or transfer the management of your domain to us. 
What Can You Do with Website Designer? 
Flexible Layouts and Custom Components
The ability to decide which components to display on your home page, and where you wish to place them is now possible. You have the power to decide whether you'd like to move your directors list to the left hand side, or remove the Events listing entirely. Simply start by choosing a one, two or three-column layout for your home page, and then drop in exactly what components you'd like in each column.
Custom components allow you to drop in simple text or large graphics, anywhere within your site. Have a big fundraiser coming up? Draw attention to it by placing a large image at the top of your site. Last minute meeting change? Insert a blurb anywhere on your home page to draw attention to it, without having to add another story. With custom components, the possibilities are endless.
Customizable Drop Down Navigation Menu 
Your district can now decide exactly what your navigation menu will look like, including drop down menus that point to internal pages, external sites, or site pages. Use this to organize your site map, and target the content to match your varied audiences. You can have unlimited submenus and even make specific pages password protected.
Customizable Banner Graphic & Header
We've also incorporated a simple to use banner graphic editor. Choose from the available background images, or upload your own custom image. Place formatted text over your graphic and decide exactly what your website header will look like.
New & Improved Photo Albums
Gone are the days that you had to upload images one by one! Now you can upload multiple images at once and display them via slideshow on your site. Your slideshow starts automatically and continues to run for viewers. All your existing photo albums have been imported to this new and robust version for easy access and sharing.
In addition to these enhancements, you will be able to:
  • Have multiple widgets on your site to display custom or pre-populated content (i.e. Rotary International RSS Feeds)
  • View multiple website sponsor advertisements with the option of enabling animated settings
  • Have a breadcrumb trail of previously viewed pages available
  • Have a site map available, and much more!