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Subscribing to email alerts 

Did you know that you can even sign up for email alerts for important system announcements or simply follow any discussion thread you are interested in most.
  1. Go to ClubRunnerCommunity.com
  2. Login using your ClubRunner member login and password.
  3. Our system will search for your member record (and will try to retrieve your member photo, if you have one).  Click the 'I agree' checkbox, then click "SIGN UP".  
  4. After logging in, you should be taken back to the homepage. Scroll down and find the forum you would like to follow, such as  ClubRunner News & Announcements.
  5. Click the blue link titled "Watch Forum".
  6. Select the options you'd like. Generally most people will choose: Send Notifications for: [ New Threads ]. Threads are the broad topics of discussion within each section, Messages are the individual responses each member posts) Then click on Send notifications via: [ Emails ]
  7. Click the orange "Watch Forum" button 


You are now on the notification list!  This means all new messages posted in this section will trigger an email to you and you will always be kept aware of the most recent updates and news. To stop receiving these notifications, navigate back to the same page and click "Unwatch Forum".