Online Payment & eCommerce

Already integrated with the Dues & Billing Module and MyEventRunner™ for event registrations, this premium (add-on) module has everything you need to process payments online from members and the public, including your own merchant account and integration with a gateway. You can choose when and where you wish to allow online payments, or just use the Virtual Terminal to process transactions manually. Prefer to get a card swiper for instant payments? Not a problem! All funds are deposited immediately into your bank account, and your reports on ClubRunner will automatically link payments with members and event registrations to see who paid how much right on ClubRunner, meaning you no longer have to spend hours consolidating with bank statements!


Concerned with security of processing credit cards online? We made sure to comply with PCI standards to ensure that your transaction data is secure. All forms that handle credit card information and related confidential information are SSL encrypted and certified. We never store or retain your credit card information on any of our servers - transactions are all perfor med in real time through our certified payment processors.

Collect donations for different initiatives

Create and manage donations for different goals with Donation Campaigns or simply choose to collect donations as part of a general cause. With campaigns, you have full control of the donation tiers, descriptions and images, confirmation messages and more. 
Track performance through the Donation Analytics dashboard and stay on top of which campaigns are performing the best, which tiers are most popular, comparisons against previous months for totals raised and more. Learn more on how you can get started.

Ready to collect donations?

Currently integated with Sage/Paya and Bambora, the Donations module comes standard for clubs, districts and zones. Learn more on how you can get started.


Modern Themes 
Get up and running with modern, professionally designed themes to make you stand out.
Live Website Designer
See your vision come to life as you edit. Drag and drop images, pre-designed content and data plugins.
Pre-designed Templates
From event invitations to contact us pages, we've got you covered with ready to pages, which you can always customize.
Mobile First
Responsive and optimized for mobile devices, our websites scale beautifully on all screen sizes.
Public & Members Only Pages
Publish private pages for members only to firewall digital content, files and updates and control which pages should be available for everyone. 
Digital Asset Management
Host documents, files and media on your ClubRunner website. Choose what you want to make public and what is meant for members only.
Built-in Blog
Post articles in minutes and engage members with a private commenting area.
Social Media Integration
Engage your visitors by making it easy to share website content on their own social feeds.

For more information about the Online Payment & eCommerce module, please click on your country.

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