Attendance 3.0

Introducing Attendance Module 3.0!

This new and improved Attendance module is a far more powerful and customizable version that has been redesigned from the ground up. Taking all the feedback we have received over the years into account, this new module was designed to cater to the unique attendance needs of each club. 

New Features and Improvements

Besides more advanced attendance tracking functions, Attendance 3.0 gives you the ability to:

  • Bank and track make-ups for members
  • Auto-assign a makeup from the members' pool for any meetings they miss
  • Add multiple makeups to make data entry even faster
  • ​​Track attendance for honorary members
  • Record guests and other visitors
  • Customize attendance rules based on member type (excused vs. exempted)
  • View attendance history and performance in a dashboard view
  • Open up your own past meeting records to recalculate attendance
  • and much more! 

Migrating Data and Switching to Version 3.0

Note that only those clubs on Version 3.0 of ClubRunner have access to preview Attendance 3.0. Also, you won't be moved over to Attendance 3.0 until you choose to do so. An opportunity to transfer your data from Version 1 Attendance is available in the Dashboard screen. You will be able to move over the following:
  • All meetings and makeups
  • All Leaves of Absence
  • All Member Attendance Exemptions
To begin migrating your attendance data, simply navigate to the Attendance 3.0 Dashboard, click on the checkboxes to select the data you want to transfer and then click on the "Migrate Data and Switch to New Version" button. Refer to the training resources below to learn more.
Please note that migration can only occur once and once it has been completed, attendance reporting to your District will take effect from this new version. Although the previous version of the Attendance module will still be available, any data that you add to it will not reflect on the new version, so you should only post updates to Attendance 3.0 from that point on.

Reporting to District

Reporting your month-end statistics to District occur automatically as you close your meetings. Even if you reopen a meeting and update some values, the District report will be refreshed. Note that the reporting functions on Version 3.0 will not start until you switch officially. To switch, go to the Dashboard screen and follow the instructions within the Migrate Data section.

Training Resources:

Refer to the Attendance 3.0 Getting Started Guide
Learn how to migrate your attendance records to Attendance 3.0
Learn more about how to use this module