Committee Management

Have a dedicated section to organize and manage your committee lists and information. All members, chairs and secretaries can be identified and listed and even have their own directory listing.
With this module, you can:
  • Create and view all yearly and standing committees along with their corresponding chairpersons
  • Generate a directory listing of all members within a specified committee by year
  • Run reports to see member participation history or members that are not part of any committee
The Enhanced Committees module is a premium (add-on) module for clubs that gives you more functionality and structure to centralize committee and sub-committee listings, documents and emails. Foster communication within your committees by allowing members to share documents privately. Email members of your committee or sub-committees to keep all communication in one place.
  • Post documents and set their security levels to be visible by committee members only
  • Create and send targeted emails to committee and sub-committee members
  • Create multiple levels of sub-committees
The Enhanced Committees module is included in the standard package for Districts.

Access Information

Only accessible via member login, view a complete listing of all available committees. In each individual committee listing, you can find a listing of all members, their home club and position they hold within it and their telephone numbers. All documents related to the committee are available for download and can be made viewable to all members or committee members only.

New Listings

Creating new committees is effortless and you can choose whether they are publicly displayed on the club or district home page or privately accessed by secure member login. When adding new members, all data is taken from the member profile, so you never have to enter repeat any data entry work! 
If you already have a yearly committee that will be in operation again in the following year, save time and eliminate transition errors by carrying over all information with a click of a button. 


With a built-in email message center, there's no need to worry that your message will be sent to the incorrect recipients. For the committee that you wish to communicate with, simply select the group and select who you want to email or select all members of the committee. 
All emails sent from here, remain listed within the committee's email message center and cannot be accessed by other members using the general email club email system. 

Pricing Structure

The cost for upgrading to the Enhanced Committees module is dependent on the size of your club:
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*Add-ons require an annual contract and will coincide with your ClubRunner contract. Please consult your Subscription Agreement for more details, found on the bottom of the order form.

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