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We're pleased to offer domain management services so your club can have a personalized, customize domain name to improve your online branding! Simply provide us with your desired domain name and we will handle its registration, setup and maintenance on your club's behalf.

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Why have us manage your domain name for you?

  • Security: all domains managed by ClubRunner include the most up-to-date security features, including encrypted SSL certificates. no member of your organization needs any technical background. Simply email us and we will handle all the technical details.
  • Peace of mind: a lot goes into maintaining your domain name. Never have to worry about updates, upcoming expirations and more. Our team will handle it all for you.
  • Continuity: a domain name that is owned by a member that is no longer part of the club is a thing of the past! By linking the domain name to your club instead one individual, your domain name is yours for as long as your club likes, which means that as your web design team changes, your domain name remains unaffected!
  • Future proof:  we set your club up for success by ensuring your domain never lapses or expires. You will always be in the know about any important dates associated with your domain and have full flexibility on renewal terms.


Our domain price plans include the management of your domain, as well as the installation of SSL certificates for added security.
3 Year Plan

$40 / year
5 Year Plan

$35 / year
8 Year Plan

$30 / year

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