Ready to supercharge your club's fundraising efforts? Collecting donations through your website to make a lasting impact in your community has never been easier!

Collect Donations

Currently integrated with Sage/Paya and Bambora, easily set up pre-determined donation tier options or allow donors to enter their own free-form amount. Take control of expressing gratitude to your supporters by personalizing branded thank you emails that are automatically sent to donors. Stay on top of your fundraising progress with comprehensive reporting to view all up-to-date donations.

Donation Campaigns

Campaigns allow you to better promote your different initiatives and direct your donors to specific goals and causes. Each campaign is customizable, allowing full control of available donation tiers, campaign descriptions and imagery, confirmation messages, as well as progress tracking. Keep donors informed of the progress of each campaign with real-time indicators displaying the amount raised and by the number of donors.

Each campaign features its own dedicated landing page, making it easy for your organization to direct users to the appropriate pages.

Reporting and Analytics

With the Analytics Dashboard comes better insights into your donations activity! Track performance and total donations to date to measure the impact of your club efforts. Drill down per campaign to review important information such as average donation, top donors, breakdown by donation tiers and more.

Ready to collect donations?

Currently integated with Sage/Paya and Bambora, the Donations module comes standard for clubs, districts and zones. Learn more on how you can get started.

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