A powerful do-it-yourself online registration form designer for all your events

Are you finding your process of collecting event registrations complicated? Are you looking for a more affordable, easy way to sell tickets and other fundraising items online, along with credit card payments?
Streamline your event registration process with MyEventRunner, the powerful new online registration product from ClubRunner. Powerful enough to handle your most complex conferences, yet so easy to setup you'll want to use it for even your most basic events. Available as a standalone product, or as part of your ClubRunner subscription.
Available in Lite and Pro, MyEventRunner will handle your everyday events where you need to collect online payment without a paper trail. Want the added flexibility and features needed for a district conference or complex event? Upgrade to the Pro version for a preferred rate.

With MyEventRunner, your event planning process is as easy as one, two, three! You can:

  •  Create unlimited package options with varying pricing
  •  Customize information collection for each registrant and their guest
  •  Communicate to registrants in multiple languages*
  •  Create add-on sub-events for purchase (such as T-Shirts and CDs)
  •  Generate detailed reports on all data collected

By using MyEventRunner, you will be able to productively and efficiently:

  •  Eliminate the need to prepare and process manual forms
  •  Receive current registration numbers instantly
  •  Set up multiple pricing options to maximize revenue
  •  Accept local currency for registration fees**
Pre-integrated with ClubRunner's Online Payment & eCommerce Module, MyEventRunner makes it easy and cost effective for clubs, districts and zones to introduce payment by credit card for their events.

How Can MyEventRunner Help You?

MyEventRunner allows event administrators to easily plan, create, promote and report on events electronically. Collect public registrations for your event and collect payment online seamlessly.
Eliminate the need to prepare and process manual forms, which results in unnecessary mistakes and additional administrative work. Save countless hours of time and effort and make your next event a breeze with MyEventRunner.

Plan Event

First, determine all the logistics of your event in order to decide what information needs to be on your registration form. If you have supplemental items available for event participants, no need to wait until they register to advertise these additional items. A feature can be added for ease of purchase power!

Create Form

Customize your form to capture only the information relevant for you! You can:
  •  Set up unlimited event package offerings
  •  Create unlimited questions to capture detailed information about event participants
  •  Set up multiple pricing options to maximize revenue
  •  Accept local currency for registration fees
Use the integrated Shopping Cart feature to allow registrants to purchase extras (i.e. DVD's, T-shirts or special event tickets)
Listed on your club or district site, members can easily find your event listing, register themselves and a guest. If your members have a ClubRunner login, their information will be automatically populated in the registration form allowing your members to save time!

Instant Reports

You can generate unlimited reports at any time to:
  •  Receive current registration numbers instantly
  •  Monitor who is registering for your event (i.e. Club or District Officers)
  •  Determine how much revenue you have received to date

MyEventRunner Product Offerings

Available in two versions, Lite and Pro, MyEventRunner gives you the power to collect public registrations and payments for your events. Wondering what the differences between each version are? Check out the features comparison chart below to find out!
  Lite Pro
Design-Your-Own Registration Form Builder
Unlimited Add-Ons with Maximum Limit Option
Public registration form, ClubRunner login optional
Disabling/Creating new packages and add-ons on the fly
Accept Credit Cards (Online Payments & eCommerce module required)
Balance Statements, Multiple Payments Tracking
Reports by Paid Status, Attendee, Registration, Package, Add-on  
Single or Couple Packages, Unlimited Group (Pricing) Categories  
Early Bird Pricing with Unlimited Milestone Dates  
Split Payments by Milestone Dates, by Fixed Amount or Percentage  
Payment by Check option, tracking payments  
Unlimited Questionnaires (drop downs, text, Yes/No selection)  
Payment by Check option, record payments received  
Maximum number of registration per event Unlimited Unlimited
Admin Area-Access for up to 5 event chairs FREE FREE
Cost per Registration* $0 $1
For Clubs or Districts not subscribed with ClubRunner, please call or email us.
Pricing is subject to change, please consult the MyEventRunner Subscription Agreement and Terms of Use. Prices are in US Dollars for US customers and Canadian Dollars for Canadian customers (subject to Canadian taxes). Pricing does not include processing fees.
*Languages supported can be found on the following page. Don't see your language supported? Contact us about our Multilingual program.
**If your local currency is not listed in the currency list, contact our support team.

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