On November 1, 2010, ClubRunner became the first vendor to have integrated its databases with Rotary International and became the first software provider to offer this service. Today, we're proud to be leading the way with this revolutionary feature!

Integration for Rotary and Rotaract Clubs

Supporting both Rotary and Rotaract clubs, the RI Integration not only syncs member data to Rotary International's database, or vice versa, but also syncs club information such as meeting place and time as well as club executive and officer changes - synchronizations that are only available through the ClubRunner platform!

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Introducing RI 2-Way True Sync (July 2023)

Whereas in the past, RI Integration updated your member data from ClubRunner to Rotary, True Sync synchronizes any changes made from Rotary to ClubRunner. This ensures your data stays up-to-date at all levels without any manual work on your part. 

Data Compare & Synchronize

The Compare & Synchronize feature within this function will allow you to compare your member data information as it appears on ClubRunner with what is available in Rotary Internationals' Member Access, giving you the option to push your member information directly from ClubRunner to Rotary International or pull your information from Member Access to populate your ClubRunner profile. Therefore, if you notice a member's profile was inconsistent between ClubRunner and RI, you can simply push or pull the specific field data between ClubRunner and RI. This will allow you to clean up any data that was inconsistent before integration was enabled.


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