2015 - Year in Review
2015 has been a whirlwind year for us at ClubRunner with lots of changes and growth. It is only with your support and encouragement that we are where we are today and why we were able to hit so many milestones. 

Connecting with Clubs

We love when we get the chance to connect with our customers and share in their success stories. 2015 began with our first stop at the 2015 Rotary International Assembly in San Diego, where we met with our District champions and had the opportunity to meet some great new leaders and establish new relationships. We're proud to say that as of December 2015, we serve 122 Districts and more than 5,000 clubs worldwide. From mid-February until March end, we continued our journey by attending 17 President-Elect Training seminars. Seeing champions reunite at our booths and sharing best practices, we brought home some great memories. At home, we had the opportunity to welcome several visiting Rotarians to our own office for training, best practice and even focus group sessions.
We look forward to meeting everyone once again next year with even more features to unveil!

More Solutions, New Versions

In July, we released new levels of ClubRunner to meet the unique needs of each individual club with the release of ClubRunner Lite to clubs of all sizes and ClubRunner Admin Only in addition to the Standard Version.
ClubRunner Lite is a great option for clubs that need just the necessities for public relations like a website or newsletter, while the Admin Version is for clubs that still want to take advantage of all the administration and member management features but maintain their website outside of ClubRunner. 
Now, no matter what your needs or budget, we have a solution just for you!

Customer Wish List

Every year, we receive hundreds upon hundreds of suggestions from customers about features they would like to see in ClubRunner. Our goal is to incorporate as many suggestions as we can. This year, our development team worked very hard to meet these requests and implemented 596 new features into the ClubRunner system, both big and small. From new website and bulletin themes and color variations to page and widget customization properties; from improving the Photo Albums module to making enhancements to the Events module - we made a lot of remarkable changes to ClubRunner. View our Service Updates from this past year by clicking here.

Taking Attendance

You asked for it, and we delivered! We redesigned the Attendance module based on all the feedback we've received over the years. Giving you the ability to bank and track make-ups, record guests and visitors, open up past meetings to recalculate attendance, customize attendance rules based on member type, and more, this module caters to the unique attendance needs of each club. Learn more by clicking here.

Seeking Volunteers

This year, we re-launched the number one feature all volunteer groups need - the all-new Volunteers module! Redesigned and revamped, the Volunteers module was created to cater to virtually any scenario where you need to co-ordinate people in various commitments, organized by time, day, task or group. Great for event shifts, volunteers, committee signups or anything involving a schedule, you can now build your own signup sheets and automate the communication process behind it, so you can focus on more pressing matters. For more information on getting started with this module, click here.

Support in a Nutshell

The support team had a busy but great year answering more than 23,390 support emails alone. As part of our mission to provide you with the best support and access to support resources, we  added new on-demand videos in addition to  recorded webinars to help you familiarize yourself with the all features available to you. New guides and help articles were added throughout the year to the library so you can find answers to any questions you may have. Visit www.ClubRunnerSupport.com to view our updated knowledgebase, access new on-demand videos, help resources and more.
Here is to a great 2015! In the new year, we have even more resolve and commitment to continue improving ClubRunner for you.