ClubRunner is available in 3 main versions

An Official Rotary International Licensee, ClubRunner serves thousands of Rotary clubs and districts just like yours across the globe with one goal in mind - to make technology work for anyone, anywhere while enabling Rotarians to streamline club processes and improve productivity.

More than just a website, ClubRunner offers a robust membership management and communication platform for clubs and districts in multiple languages. It manages your club or district with features such as attendance reporting, event and volunteer management, directory builder, social media integration and more.

In use by 9 of the first 10 Rotary clubs, ClubRunner is designed for and used by clubs of all sizes, whether your goal is to improve member retention, growth, PR or streamline administrative tasks. Today, ClubRunner continues its investment in the Rotary community by constantly updating and adding new features to improve functionality. In fact, we led the way with the RI Integration project and were the first vendor to integrate its databases with Rotary International. With the largest user base of any software company within Rotary, ClubRunner shares a close relationship with Rotary International to better align its direction with the future vision of clubs and districts
With a dedicated support team, we ensure your club's success through training, support and best practices.

Club Version


ClubRunner Standard

Powerful, reliable and easy to use, ClubRunner is the ultimate solution for all your club needs, which is why 9 of the first 10 Rotary clubs and thousands of clubs worldwide use it as their preferred choice for Rotary software.

Engagement and productivity redefined

  • Keep a central online member directory and synchronize data updates with Rotary International
  • Keep a secure, password protected, online member directory with committee listings
  • Track and report weekly club attendance, and report monthly to your district
  • Create bills, send and track detailed invoices and payments
  • Manage events, publish an event calendar, accept online registrations from members and the public
  • Create and send a personalized eBulletin to current and prospective members
  • Send each member personalized email reminders of all commitments and roster responsibilities
  • Share a secured download area for club documents and photos
  • Access demographic reports and dashboards to measure your club's membership and statistics
  • Maintain a customizable website with no technical expertise required
  • and much more!

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Club Version Features - Brief overview of features
View Club Live Sites - View a partial listing of real, live websites to see how other clubs use ClubRunner
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Don't need all the features or already have a website? Not a problem!
Take a look at ClubRunner Lite or incorporate our powerful database into your own website with ClubRunner's Admin Only solution.

ClubRunner Lite

If your club has a tight budget and is looking to boost public relations and membership growth, ClubRunner Lite has the essentials you need to create a big impact within your community and beyond.

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ClubRunner Lite Overview - Additional information about ClubRunner Lite
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ClubRunner Admin Only

Already have a website? Not a problem! Use ClubRunner's administrative features and enjoy all the functionality we offer. Contact us for more details.

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Tailored to a District's need, our custom solution for Rotary Districts includes a robust database for all clubs and an array of features to help you run your district efficiently.

District Version

Our District version is a complete online solution designed to provide you with the ability to facilitate communication, organize events and volunteers, publish a website, and manage your District database to ultimately help you run your District more efficiently. Perhaps that is why 120+ Districts worldwide are online with ClubRunner!

Focus on what matters

  • Improve the flow of communication with a single centralized hub of information for all clubs
  • Allow all your clubs to login and update their own information and maintain its own club page on the District site
  • Save valuable time by seamlessly integrating updates from club to district to zone to RI
  • Allow each committee, director, and officer to maintain their own part of the site
  • Make it easy for your clubs to find contact information and resources and generate an online directory automatically
  • Track and view monthly membership statistics, including the number of new and terminated members, number of unique logins, etc.
  • Maintain a customizable website with no technical expertise required (optional)

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District Powerpoint Presentation - Slideshow covering District Version Features
View District Live Sites - View the full listing of all the Districts online with ClubRunner
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Did you know that you can give each club their own web page on your ClubRunner District website?

Automatically populated from the database, ClubRunner includes club pages that show the officer information, meeting location,
plus any additional pages and photos the club wants to maintain. 

Zone Version

ClubRunner's dedicated solution for Zones operates as the top level of the 3-tiered ClubRunner database consisting of members, grouped into clubs, which are grouped into districts, and finally into zones.

Our Zone Database allows designated zone administrators to:

  • Access membership records of all members in the zone
  • Access and update the zone organization charts
  • Access and update the district organization charts
  • Define PDG's by year or specialization
  • Define unlimited designations for other groups
For more information on how ClubRunner can serve your zone, email us at

ClubRunner: A User-Defined Experience

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